Tuesday, May 31, 2016

[Koren Beauty] April's BB Box

This post is a little late since I have been out of town for the past two months and am playing catch up with all my mail and beauty products! April was the first month I have ever gotten a BB bag from Beautique, and I was so happy I got this one! First off one of the products has a Pug on it (and we all know how much I love Pugs) second I love Korean beauty products, so to get a bag with five full sized products for not an incredibly large price tag ($24.99) it was awesome! This months theme was "Big City Beauty"

First we will start off with the bag. It is spacious and has a zipper top. I am not super in love with the pink shiny look of it, but it is very well made. 

The Saem Saemmul Easy Eyeliner ($9.99). This is a basic black eyeliner. You turn the top to make the eyeliner come out and apply it. Pretty straight forward since it is an eyeliner. Black in color and went on smooth!

Dr. Morita Moisturizing Essence Eye Mask ($9.00). These are small eye mask pads that go on under your eyes to help moisturize that area of your face. These are amazing and I love under eye masks so much.  You keep them on for 10-15 minutes (I sometimes keep them on longer depending on how much product is on them) and then massage the rest of the leftover product into your skin once you remove them.

Toyoepin 2 in 1 Permanent Crazy Mini Natural False Lash ($7.99). I rarely wear false lashes, I have pretty long natural lashes so wearing them seems silly for regular day wear. I haven't gotten a chance to try these out yet since the only time I do wear lashes is in costume (they will most likely be tried out this weekend at Animazement)

Seatree Art Moisture Mist ($10.99) I love moisture mists. They are great if the air is really dry (like on planes) or if your skin is just naturally dry, it helps give you that extra spritz of moisture when you need it during the day. This stuff is great and I love the packaging. It has vitamin C in it and you can spritz it over your makeup. 

Baviphat Urban Dollkiss Mango Magic Brightening Mask ($21.00) I was so excited when I saw that this mask was an option that you could get in this months bag (the other being the Peach peeling gel) I would have been thrilled with either of these since I love Urban Dollkiss' products! This is a mask you put on, leave on for a few minutes (it says 2-3 I normally keep it on for maybe 5) and then wash off and dry skin. These masks are always so relaxing and make your skin feel so soft (and smell good!)

Somoon Dog Nose Pore 3 Step Pack ($5.99) This was the one product I was so excited about when I opened up my BB Bag this month. It has a Pug on it, and we all know I am a sucker for products that put Pugs on their packaging. This is a three way nose pore strip, you apply the first one for 10-15 min, then the second for the same amount of time, and then the third for 15-20 min to help with moisturizing your nose after the first two help remove black heads and sebum. I love pore strips, they really help me since I have huge pores and an issue with black heads.... (And come on there is a Pug on the packaging!)

I LOVE the BB Bag, I think this is my favorite so far out of any beauty bags that I have done. I am hoping my funds stay up so I can continue to get it for a few months! 

Want to check it out then go to Beautique's webpage for their BB Bag here! 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

[Loot Crate] March Vs. Loot Pets

I have been doing Loot Pets since it started. I love having something fun for my sweet Puggy every month! And Jimmy loves toys and treats so it is a win, win deal! This months was a lot of fun too! The theme was Vs. and had a lot of cute items from upcoming movies and past tv shows and movies that went along with the theme. 

The Shirt!

This months shirt was a Star Trek "Mirror Universe" theme. With Spock on it. 

Jimmy is always happy to wear geeky shirts! 

And thinks he would look awesome with a goatee! Ya know "Evil Jimmy!"

As always the shirt is awesome and well made! Jimmy is really funny in that he loves wearing clothing and will run around in it for hours, so being something he is comfy in is great! 

A Batman Toy! 

Going along with the VS. theme and Batman vs. Superman being the big movie at the moment, There was a BvS dog toy in this months box! Jimmy loves these type of toys, and I hope this one holds up to the extreme type of play Jimmy does! 

 Captain America Disposable Water Bowl

This is the only item in this months box I am not so sure about. I don't like using too many disposable items with my dog if I do not have too. I almost with this had been a reusable water bow,l instead. But it will be put in his bag and used one day when he needs some water. 

 Treats! "Ruff 'em Ups! Fruity Protein Puff for Pups!

Jimmy loves all the treats that Loot Pets sends! I am sure he is going to do a little dance and his tricks for these too! The artwork, as always on the bags, is fantastic! Love that these are made in the US as well!

More treats! Turduck'nstein Menacing Meat Treats for Dogs! 

More treats! I will say I am having a hard time getting through all the treats we have been sent in the last two months, but Jimmy does love them, so that's what counts! Also more cute bag art!

The Charm!

This months charm is super cute Alien Vs. Predator charm! Love it and it will be a great addition to his collar!

Overall I am still loving the Loot Pets Box! Next months theme is Quest and I am soooooooo excited for that one! I look forward to the Pet crate way more than the human crate and I know Jimmy loves getting new toys and treats each month! Want to check out Loot Pets? Go here for more info!

Monday, May 9, 2016

[Tea Travels] Royal Cafe and Creperie

While visiting Matthew's NC back in December I stumbled across this really fun little place! The name definitely said exactly what I was going to be getting, and who can go wrong with Tea and Crepes? No one that's who!

The bane of this fantastic place is pretty explanatory. They serves a variety of drinks from coffee to tea and have a great selection of sweet and savory crepes. 

I was of course interested in the Tea (but also the crepes because yum!) The shop is a nice little place in Matthews, NC that has tables inside for eating and enjoying your tea or crepes at. 

They steep the loose tea in these wonderful little tea infuser that you put on top of your cup and it lets the tea drain while the leaves stay in (I have one from Teavana and they are wonderful!)

I tried this amazing Pomegranate Lychee green tea and it was amazing!

I also tried their dlicious Gyro Crepe, which was amazing! If you are in Matthews NC, I would definitely give this place a try, especially if you are like me and love tea and crepes! 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

[Geeky Makeup] Espionage Cosmetics BOOM Box April 2016! Fabled

A few months ago Espionage Cosmetics launched their BOOM Box, a makeup and more box that features their nail wraps, lips and all over colors as well as other geeky/nerdy companies items as well! I missed out on the first two boxes due to funds, but was able to subscribe for their third box which was themed "Fabled". I was so excited for this box, as you can tell from many of my posts, I LOVE espionage cosmetics and their nail wraps and other products (I am currently buy their all over shadow and stocking up on colors to do a fun makeup!) So I was so excited to see what I would get in this months box, since I was starting to run low on nail wraps and with the school year ending soon and only having my film makeup jobs to make up for the income, the extra spending wont be happening much!

This months box had a lot of great goodies in it, and I was so excited to see what was going to be in there, the previous two boxes were fantastic, so this one had to be too!!
 So lets get started with all the awesome in them!

I'll star off with the fun Espionage swag that they send in their boxes. A fab nail file (since you need those to do the nail wraps!) a emblem sticker with everything you need in like (makeup, unicorns, and swords!) and a business card for the Boom Box! Now onward to the super exciting stuff!

Digital Soaps teamed up with the BOOM Box and offered a lovely glittery unocorn head soap! Looking at the card in the box it looks like there were three colors, Green (which I got), Purple and Blue. It is sparkly which is awesome and a unicorn! It will go amazing in my bathroom and I am very excited by Nerdy bath items!

Another amazing bath item in this months box, Rosina Leckermaul's House of Sweets Strawberry & Basil Sugar Scrub. This stuff smells like heaven, if heaven smelled like strawberries and basil. It has a great sugar scrub consistency and smells and feels wonderful to use! And it is bright pink! So bright and wonderful looking and smelling! It also leaves your skin smelling and feeling amazing after a shower!

Next up is an item from the Espionage Geek Boutique,  a set of three lovely mermaid inspired note cards, each has a saying in the lower corner and has a shiny scale motif on them. They are post card styles note cards and have envelopes to put them in once you have written your message on the back!

These fun temporary fairy tattoos are a first for Espionage! The box came with two packs of the same fairy designs, the dancing gold fairies then the written words as well. I am really excited to wear these since I loved the temporary tattoos as a kid and these feel like an older version of those! Also fairies! 

I was SOOOOOOOO excited when I found out that the box would contain a new color for their everything shadow and a Lip serum! I was even more excited when I opened the box and the lip serum was purple (my favorite color!) The everything shadow is called Rumpelstiltskin and is a gold/yellow color. The Lip serum is called Banshee and is a sheer purple. You can mix the two together too (what the small plastic container is for) and make a peachy color as well! I have had so much fun using these, their Lip Serums are not sticky, they are super moisturizing and they feel amazing on your lips (and smell amazing too!)

The last item in the BOOM Box is what I was most excited about! I LOVE Espionage's nail wraps, I wear them all the time and am always excited when I am able to get new designs to wear and coordinate with my outfits! This months box had two new designs and you got one or the other (a Fairy design) and then the Valknjoggr, a dragon design, which is the one I received. Everyone also got Mystical Mane, a unicorn inspired set with fabulous glittery main nails and unicorn eyes as well! I am so excited to wear these since they both look amazing and I love the fantasy styles so much!

You can check out the BOOM Box here online! hey are now taking orders for June, so if you want to get in on the next one that has the theme Naturally Awesome, then get on it quick, they do sell out each month! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

[Tea Review] Hawiian Islands Tea Company Strawberry Lychee Tea

This weeks review is one of the teas I purchased while in Hawaii. Hawaiian Islands Tea Company Strawberry Lychee Tea.  I purchased about four different boxes (all different flavors) from the Hawaiian Islands Tea Company, and was excited to drink them all! The Strawberry Lychee was the first box I opened and it has been so good!

Each box contains 20 paper tea bags. They have really pretty plastic wrappers that let you know the name of the tea and the tea companies logo on them. 

The smell of the tea when opening the tea bag up is amazing! It is a mixture of Strawberry and Lychee smells.  It just smell delicious, like a really yummy cake or something. 

The smell of the tea once it has steeped is also pretty yummy smelling, the Lychee dominates the smell and the taste fruity with a Lychee base and a hint of Strawberry, but also not an overpowering fruit taste since the black tea taste is still there.  

I purchased this box at an ABC store in Oahu, but I also saw them for sale at grocery stores and Longs Drug stores all over the island. They have a large variety of teas, some you will see me review in the coming weeks! You can find all their flavors on their webpage, and even order them online here!