Monday, May 9, 2016

[Tea Travels] Royal Cafe and Creperie

While visiting Matthew's NC back in December I stumbled across this really fun little place! The name definitely said exactly what I was going to be getting, and who can go wrong with Tea and Crepes? No one that's who!

The bane of this fantastic place is pretty explanatory. They serves a variety of drinks from coffee to tea and have a great selection of sweet and savory crepes. 

I was of course interested in the Tea (but also the crepes because yum!) The shop is a nice little place in Matthews, NC that has tables inside for eating and enjoying your tea or crepes at. 

They steep the loose tea in these wonderful little tea infuser that you put on top of your cup and it lets the tea drain while the leaves stay in (I have one from Teavana and they are wonderful!)

I tried this amazing Pomegranate Lychee green tea and it was amazing!

I also tried their dlicious Gyro Crepe, which was amazing! If you are in Matthews NC, I would definitely give this place a try, especially if you are like me and love tea and crepes! 

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