Wednesday, May 4, 2016

[Tea Review] Hawiian Islands Tea Company Strawberry Lychee Tea

This weeks review is one of the teas I purchased while in Hawaii. Hawaiian Islands Tea Company Strawberry Lychee Tea.  I purchased about four different boxes (all different flavors) from the Hawaiian Islands Tea Company, and was excited to drink them all! The Strawberry Lychee was the first box I opened and it has been so good!

Each box contains 20 paper tea bags. They have really pretty plastic wrappers that let you know the name of the tea and the tea companies logo on them. 

The smell of the tea when opening the tea bag up is amazing! It is a mixture of Strawberry and Lychee smells.  It just smell delicious, like a really yummy cake or something. 

The smell of the tea once it has steeped is also pretty yummy smelling, the Lychee dominates the smell and the taste fruity with a Lychee base and a hint of Strawberry, but also not an overpowering fruit taste since the black tea taste is still there.  

I purchased this box at an ABC store in Oahu, but I also saw them for sale at grocery stores and Longs Drug stores all over the island. They have a large variety of teas, some you will see me review in the coming weeks! You can find all their flavors on their webpage, and even order them online here!


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