Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lots of amazing stuff happening!

So much is going on right now! I haven't posted here in so long, and I will hopefully be better about that!
I'll be at Contemporal in Raleigh this weekend. If you do not know what Contemporal is, it is a Steampunk convention. I am a guest and will be on a bunch of different costuming panels. Here is my panel list!

Sat 2:00 PM  1h Oakwood Crafting a Costumed Identity
Sun 10:00 AM  1h Grand 1 Make-up and Wigs
Sun 11:00 AM  1h Grand 1 Modeling for Cosplay Photography
Sun 1:00 PM  1h Capitol B Costuming on a Budget
Sun 2:00 PM  1h Oakwood Steampunk Costuming Without a Corset 

I will also be juggling and playing violin all weekend with the NCD20 Girls as part of the circus show for the conventions story. Not anything fancy with the violin, mostly children's songs or Irish tunes I have memorized. 

Coming up in July I'll be at a new convention in Winston Salem, NC called Congregate on July 11-13! I am looking forward to all the amazing panels I am on for this con! Ill post them a little closer to the con. 
The weekend after that I am at MonsterCon in Greenville SC. I had a blast at this con last year and am looking forward to going to it again! Ill have books, dice bags and hopefully DVD's of films I have been in for sale at both cons at my table!