Tuesday, December 18, 2012

You'd Better Watch Out! Anthology

So after lots of sending off my short stories to anthologies (and after four rejection letters to some of those stories) I was lucky enough to have one of my stories accepted to a anthology to be published! The short Christmas Horror themed story "The Gnome Before Christmas" was released int he anthology "You'd Better Watch Out!"
It is available in print and as a e-book for kindle. The e-book is 2.99 and the print version is 14.99. I will also have print versions with me at the conventions I will be attending as well!

I am so excited and happy about this! I have read through half of the anthology so far, and each story is unique and of course terrifying!
Of course I am super excited since it is my first published story, however I think will be this excited for any of my stories that get published. Each is a new world I am sharing with people, and that to me is very exciting! It feels good to have a story released after sending out so many and so many long months of waiting to hear back on if they will be published (and still waiting to hear one some).
If you get a chance to pick up the anthology and read it, PLEASE let me know what you think, either by leaving a comment here, contacting me, or leaving a amazon review of the book!

Article on the publishers page!

Horror Society Article

You'd Better Watch Out! on Amazon

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2012

I had an AMAZING Thanksgiving Holiday! I always travel to my grandmothers in Charlottesville, Va. with my parents and we have a great family dinner with my Grandmother Pritchett, my Uncle, aunt and their son. We will also occasionally see my aunts daughters and son as well (depending on where they do Thanksgiving that year).  
Dinner was amazing! I got to spend lots of time with my family that I love so much! I got to eat some incredibly yummy food and be lazy!
Well this year a lot of stores for  Black Friday decided to open at midnight.  So I was like, well I'm up, Ill go hit up the four stores I really wanted to go too, Best Buy, Old Navy, Ulta and Sephora. So at midnight I went out, made it to the two makeup stores and got some good deals (which I do not get until Christmas, since my parents were awesome and got me some great makeup super cheap).  I then headed to best buy and got some awesome stuff! (Camalot season 1 for $7.99 and Smallville Season 10 for $9.99), then on to Old Navy for some jeans, boots and two really lovely tops! By then it was 3am and I went home to sleeeeep! Later that day we also headed to Walmart and Target where Lego Batman 2 was obtained and Downton Abbey Season 1 was purchased by my father and Vampire Dairies seasons 2 and 3 were bought with a gift card that I received back when I graduated from grad school (yay for me just not shopping a lot at Target!).  I was really pleased with what was bought this year, and all for well under $200 (including what I got with the gift cards) yes my parents paid for most of that, but my father is going to enjoy some of the Tv dvds (well maybe not Vampire Dairies) as much as I will.

Saturday it was back to the D House to do makeup for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark episode two "The Walk" Mariah and I always get to do some pretty fun stuff! I did not get to stay on set the entire time due to lunch with my Grandma Layne and my parents. However I got to stop by the Albemarle Bakery and pick up a thing of French Macaroons, they are delicious so far! Incredibly yummy! They had five flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio, Vanilla, and coffee flavored).

After lunch my father and I checked out the new Trader Joe's that just opened up (got some edamame hummus for us to eat and some fruit strips for lunch next week!) and then checked out Best Buy again, where I then got Supernatural seasons 1 and 7 for 9.99 each (costing me $5 since I had $15 dollars in Best Buy rewards certificates). So because of gift cards and coupons I spent a total of $5 this year for Black Friday (yes my parents spent more buying Christmas presents for me and other members of the family) But I think I did pretty good and beat a lot of the super crazy crowds that everyone seems to dread on Black Friday.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

North Carolina Renaissance Festival

What: North Carolina Renaissance Festival 19
When: October 6th-Nov 18th

I started going to the NC Renaissance Festival back in 2004 with the UNCG Renaissance music group. We would play recorders, sing, and play other Renaissance instruments at the faire. I have always loved dressing up in garb and going to the faire. The food the music, the shows, all the other fun that there is to be had for the day.

My father and I wandered around and looked at all the merchants first. We then watched the Dead Bob Show, which is always amusing and funny, if not offensive to some, but they pretty much let you know the show if for 18+ and will be vulgar. My Dad actually laughed at a lot of the jokes and the reactions of the audience, so I found that to be really amusing.

We watched a bit of the joust, well what we could see since there were a lot of people there, after a bit we just wandered around, I looked in the shops at all the pretty skirts and corsets. We also hit up the mini petting zoo, I love the sheep, they are so soft and all the other animals are always fun to see and pet and feed.

Watched a bit of a belly dancing troupe dance, Got a delicious piece of cheesecake, and watched some of the wandering musical acts, then headed out. The trip only lasted a few hours but was really fun. Really wish I had not been getting over being sick and could have dressed up and enjoyed myself a bit more, but sadly I had bronchitis this year and the weather in NC was starting to get cold, so I dressed warm, as to not get any worse.

I am really excited for the Renn. Faire this year since I plan on being in perfect health and want to go and have an even better time!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blood At The Beach 2

What: Blood At The Beach 2
When:November 9-11
Location: Va. Beach, Va.

This was the second show this year for Blood at the Beach. The first one being in April. The first show had an incredible turn out. This show had a bit less, but was still a fun time!

Friday I was up early. Helped my friend get her dealers table set up and then helped out at the Darkstone Table. Also saw a lot of my friends, and got to chat with them.
The second Blood at the Beach was not quite as packed as the first one, but it was still lots of fun to see all the people and all the different events going on.

Saturday I hung out with all my wonderful friends, watched a few of the films I had worked on that were in the film festival, and just had a lot of fun. Got to go to dinner with some of the greatest people in the world as well (I love my Darkstone family <3.) Mariah and I also got some awesome photos with my friend Jarod, who takes amazing photos. We dressed up in some of my steampunk outfits and got some amazing shots!

Sunday I watched the screening of Foodie, a short I did makeup Fx on.  I then hung around until the end of the convention, helped my friends pack up their vending tables, and headed home. Over all a rather fun time!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NekoCon 15 (2012)

What: NekoCon 15 (2012)
When: November 2-4
Location: Hampton Roads, Va.

Nekocon is a great con! I have been going now for about five years straight now, I love this con, I love the people that go and I love getting to hang out and just have fun at a convention.  I work for the video game room every year and love my Otakon family that I get to see. 

Last year I entered the Costume Contest with Matthew after not entering for a few years and we won! Well this year the plan was to enter again with Matthew, but his class schedule did not work out so I entered on my own for craftsmenship.  I finally finished my Amu costume from Shugo Charra that I had planned to do last year.  I love this little outfit! It is poofy and plaid, and I get to walk around in Rocking Horse shoes (which is not incredibly easy).  I ended up winning best overall craftsmenship in the contest, which was really awesome! The prizes were great too! They had lots of awesome sewing gear that anyone who sews would love!

I was also incredibly excited about getting to eat at a Irish pub that actually had shepherds pie that i could eat! Many places have started putting mushrooms in it (which is NOT how it is traditionally made) and since I am allergic to mushrooms that makes me incredibly sad. However this pub did not! which meant I got to enjoy some yummy food! I was sad the Mongolian restaurant across the street from the Hampton Roads convention center had closed though.

I only purchased one thing this time, a ginger bread Dalek Christmas ornament, from the artist alley.  I also got a cute Nyan Cat bag with a gift certificate from Wizzy Wigs. 

Overall NekoCon was GREAT fun and I cannot wait for next years convention!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Zombie Fried Chicken Episode 1

Earlier today the first episode of Zombie Fried Chicken was released! I am so excited for this series where I play the character Clodagh O'Malley.  Please check out the first episode and all the new episodes that will soon be released after it!! And you get to hear me use an Irish accent.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Convention Appearences 2013!!

So every year I attend many different conventions. Some as an attendee, Cosplay Judge, or Guest.  So far I have been asked to attend three conventions for the 2013 season as a guest.


 I'll be adding MANY more other cons to this list, but so far these are the ones I am confirmed as a guest for, for 2013! If you are attending any of these cons, come say Hi! to me! Want to see me at a con near you? Let me know which one, or email the convention and let them know you want to see me there!

Also check out these cons if you are local! they are all really FUN to attend and have lots of great guests and activities to participate in!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Banzai Con 2012

What: BanzaiCon 1
When: October 12th-14th
Location: Columbia, South Carolina

BanzaiCon is a first year con run by the same group that runs IchibanCon, Triad Anime Con, and many other awesome cons. BanzaiCon was located in a lovely Marriot in Columbia, SC. The hotel was large, and had many wonderful food places to eat throughout the weekend. 

Friday I arrived at the con in the afternoon. Got checked into the hotel, and hung out with my wonderful friends. Also checked out the convention area, which was a good size for a first year convention. Got into one of my lolita outfits (so excited to wear my new skirt!!) Checked out the dealers room and artist alley, got a really cute panda and triceratops ring!

Saturday, I was up early to judge the cosplay contest. Got to see a lot of amazing entries.   For lunch I got to go to a amazing crepe restaurant that was about a block from the hotel. It was so good, I am so jealous that they have a crepe place and there is nothing like that near me! lol.
After judging I got into my Haunted Mansion Lolita dress for the cosplay contest. Went to the contest, judged the skit and saw all the entries on stage, then handed out awards. So many wonderful costumes! and I was so happy to see everyone who won so excited!

Once the contest was over a group of us checked out this great ramen house called Menkoi Ramen House, about two blocks from the hotel. It was so good, I got the spicy ramen and a salmon rice ball! Once back at the hotel we all chilled out in the hotel and played Cards Against Humanity.

Sunday I got all packed up and chilled out with friends while they sold stuff at the anime flea market. said my goodbyes and headed home!

I had a blast with all my wonderful friends and judging for the cosplay at BanzaiCon. Cannot wait to have another awesome weekend with everyone soon!!

HERE is also a awesome article about the convention. Some photos of me show up in it as well!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maryland Renaissance Faire 2012

What?: Maryland Renaissance Festival
When: August 25- October 21 (one weekends)
Location: Crownsville, Maryland

I have always loved going to the  Maryland Renaissance Festival. The land where it is held is amazingly beautiful and has a ton of stages and vendors areas to keep people busy for hours. I arrived around noon and found some food to eat before walking around and watching performers and looking in shops. I also got to have some incredibly yummy Raspberry Wine from Berrywine Plantations in Maryland ( http://www.linganorewines.com/ ).

I spent a good amount of my time looking in the Moresca booth. I absolutely adore their clothing and was lucky enough to get a beautiful green top and blue skirt this year! (I always try to buy at least one article of clothing from them each year) I was lucky and got two this year!

It sprinkled a little in the middle of the day, and was overcast the entire time I was there (which was nice since it was cool and comfortable for the entire time).

Overall the Maryland Renaissance Festival is always a joy to attend and have a good time at! I will definately be back next year!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zombie Freid Chicken Teaser Trailer

One of my newest acting projects is a web series titled Zombie Fried Chicken! I play an Irish scientist in the series named Clodagh O'Malley.  So far, for the most part, the first two episodes have been filmed and we are looking at releasing the first episode this month! The creative man behind the series Louis Bekoe has released a teaser trailer for the show! and here it is! Please watch and let me know what you think in the comments below, or in the comments on the youtube page!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blood Bath IV Film Festival

Really happy to announce that Mr. Bubbles will be playing at the Blood Bath IV Film Festival in Dallas Texas on October 13-14th!! I am really excited that it was accepted to this fest! The people that put this one on are really great! They ran the Pretty Scary film fest, which no longer exists, but was a great all female horror film fest that Milton played at.
Along with Mr. Bubbles playing another film "John Johnson's the Jester" will also be playing. This film has been getting great reviews from people watching it at Film Fests and conventions! Really happy to have sent it in for Darkstone to get it out there and played in as many places as possible!

For more info on the festival and the films playing you can go HERE

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blood At The Beach 2

 So just got word that Mr. Bubbles. Porkchop 3D and Foodie will be screening at Blood At the Beach on November 9-11 in Va. Beach, Va.

This will be the second convention this group has done (my post HERE talks about the first BOTB convention).

Come on out and see the short film Mr. Bubbles about a cute (yet terrifying) Teddy bear named Mr. Bubbles (who knows he may even make an appearance at the con!).  Also Porkchop 3D the third installment to the Porkchop series, which I come back as the character Meg. I also worked on the makeup Fx for this film! And then Foodie! The wonderful 20 something minute short film that I did Fx makeup on! (crazy proud of all the stuff I did on this one!). 

This con looks like it will be great fun! They have some pretty cool guests (Including Plan 9's lead Brian Krause! Who is a really nice guy!).  And from how much fun everyone had at the last convention back in April, this time it will only be better! The hotel is even on the beach!!!

For more info on all the guests and activities going on check out the Blood At The Beach Web Page

Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Handle Rejection Letters

So this update I decided to move away from my normal pimping of my projects to talk about something that will happen in any persons life, rejection. As a writer and aspiring film maker I have sent off countless stories and movies to editors and film fests. You get in some, and you don't. How do I handle the rejection e-mails? Well;

First I get super excited about the e-mail... then really scared to open it, because yeah what if it is bad?
Then I open it, if my story/film got into whatever the e-mail is from, then I generally jump around or do a happy dance.  If not then I look at it, read it twice, shrug, and move on, you can't win them all, yeah I am sad, I am human (and it seems I really am not the all powerful super awesome queen of the universe). Often the person sending you that letter will offer feedback, I love getting feedback on my work, it helps you for later projects, sometimes that feedback is good, sometimes it is bad, depending on who is giving it, and if you know that the person giving it is a veteran writer, or filmmaker, then, at least, keep it in your mind. Do not hold a grudge against the group that rejected you, they sometimes hate rejecting stuff as much as you hate getting those emails. Move on, make your craft better and send it somewhere else, or send it to them next year in the case of film fests. This can really be the same for any type of rejection. You learn and move on from it. It is how you grow as a person, not everyone will get a participation award in life, so deal with it, and try harder. I know this is hard to hear that your not the best out of everyone on this planet, but you get used to it and move on. It's what creative people have to do, heck, it is what EVERYONE has to do. You can be sad, but after a day, get over it and send it somewhere else. (Just make sure it fits with where you are sending it, read the stuff that they post on their webpage for guidelines)

I see way too many people just get mad at one small bit of criticism and let it hold them back, if you let it get to you or get uppity at one small critique, then you wont grow as an artist. Now you will have those jerks that want to bring you down in life, however editors and most film fest promoters are not those people. They are running a event, or selecting for a book, and they want to choose the best that they have gotten. That doesn't mean what you sent them wasn't good, it just means that the 20 they picked out of 200+ were better, in the editors opinion for that project/film fest..

Some of the best advice I could give would be, don't get your hopes up before you find out if your story/film was accepted. Already thinking you have it in the bag, and that there is no way they could not take your story/film will set you up just to be even more upset when/if you get that rejection letter. However, it also makes the fact you got into that anthology/film fest even more awesome if you did. Don't let your own ego be your downfall. Yes think highly of yourself, but not to the point where if you get rejection you get your feelings hurt. Make sure you keep realistic expectations going into entering your story/film into something that MANY others are also hoping to get into.

I have gotten some amazingly nice rejection letters for film fests and short story anthologies. I know I would hate to have the job of sending 100+ people a letter saying, "sorry we are not going to use your story/film" But I have seen some editors go above and beyond that and say lots of nice things, or even send you little notes saying "we are still reading stories, sorry for the delay, we had 200 and there are only two of us. Please be patient." Those editors are people too, and they have a job to do.  Sorry your story/film wasn't selected, but take it as a time to grow, not as a deep personal attack. This isn't high school, so leave the drama at the door please.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Milton is a Killer Film Fest Selection!!

So I found out today that Milton, the 2 minute short ghost film that Mariah and I directed back in late 2010 was a selection for Killer Film Fest in Somerville Ma. This will be the furthest north in the US that Milton has played so far! It is also Milton's tenth screening!

I am very excited to hear it made it since it was the last film fest I had submitted Milton too, since I have been focusing on Mr. Bubbles and The Gnome Before Christmas.

The Killer Film Fest has a film fest in Ma and an online one, Milton will be in both. So check it out is you are in that area, or want to see it online. The film festival is on November 1-3 2012.  Check out their webpage (linked below) for more details!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Horrorfind 2012

What: Horrorfind 14
When: Aug 31-Sept 2
Location: Gettysburg, Pa.

I used to attend Horrorfind back when it was in Huntvalley Maryland.  Sadly they moved the weekend to Labor Day weekend, which meant the con was the same time as Dragon*Con, and Dragon*Con being my absolute favorite con of the year, meant I went there. Well this year I had to attend a wedding, which was very far away from Atlanta (like 14 hours away), but very close to Gettysburg (an hour). So I went to Horrorfind for Sunday. It also helped that I had two films in the film fest (The Gnome Before Christmas, and Mr. Bubbles). So going to see one of my films on a large movie theater screen was pretty cool.

The convention area seemed way smaller than it was when it was in Maryland. I enjoyed the dealers room. The autograph room seemed to be hopping, even though I was not getting any autographs this year. I also checked out a Fx makeup panel, which was interesting to hear another fx artists take on makeup, I also brought home one tidbit that I will have to try out.

The film fest was great, the theater that it is in has great screens and comfy seats. I was really impressed and happy, definitely worth the entry fee into the film fest! We didn't take home any awards, but that's not why I make the films, it was more than worth it to get to see one of my shorts on the big screen.

All in all the day was fun at Horrorfind, I got to see some great friends I have worked with like Ben, Mel and a few others, as well as get two super cute skeleton hand hair clips! So all in all a nice day at the con, not Dragon*Con, but definitely not a complete waist either, if you are in the Gettysburg area next year definitely check out Horrorfind!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI

What: Star Wars Celebration VI
When: August 24-26
Location: Orlando, Florida

Star Wars Celebration is every Star Wars fans dream to go too. They have tons of guests, lots of amazing dealers, and loads of fun stuff going on.  This was my second time attending, since for CV and CVI they were on the east coast. I will take any excuse to go to Orlando since it also means I can go to Disney World and Universal Studios as well.
I only attended the convention for Saturday, but I had a great time! I scoured the huge dealers room, which has pretty much anything a Star Wars Fan could want to buy. I ended up picking up a CVI shirt, a HerUniverse Mara Jade shirt, a CVI coffee mug, and a R2D2 ice cube mold. I also got a free Star Wars novel since I just happened to be passing by the right booth at the right time. After walking around the dealers room I met up with my lovely friends Allegra, Alyssa, Cord and Matt. We all walked around in our costumes and got photos taken, checked out the artist alley and got a group shot on the giant Jabba the Hutt replica.

The convention was also filled with some pretty cool looking cars with Star Wars paint jobs. Some awesome prop replicas of a Rancor, Jaba the Hutt, A Millennium Falcon cock pit, a Catina scene, as well as many, many others. Over all making the atmosphere at the convention amazing! Over all I really hope Celebration VII is close in two years because I would love to go again!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Porkchop 3D Trailer and DVD Cover!

Get those red and blue 3D glasses ready people! The trailer for Porkchop 3D is out! As well as some other goodies like the DVD cover of the film! If you have seen Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind (and if you haven't pre-order is at amazon (Ill post the link below). I reprise my role as Meg, but that is all I am saying! I am also one of the makeup artist behind all these gruesome 3D kills! So definitely check this one out! Orders are available for the Razor Sharp Studios print of the DVD at http://www.razorsharpstudioswv.com/

Amazon pre-order for Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Film Releases!!

So Sept is a big month for film projects I have worked on being released! It is always a great feeling to get to see the finished project and I am thrilled that two films and one Horror Host Series I worked on will be released all in the same month!

First we have Fear Fighter! I have a small acting part in this film, as well as working on Makeup Fx! Fear Fighter has an amazing story about three friends who travel into the fear world to save their friends.  The film is also unique because it is a choose your own adventure style movie! Viewers will get to choose which characters to follow, and you can watch the movie multiple times, and make different choices each time, so you are basically getting to watch multiple movies each time. Fear Fighter will be released on a website called http://www.flicksphere.com/ . Flicks Sphere is cool because you can pay to watch the movie little by little (each choice you pay to watch and the entire movie costs around 2.50 or so to see, you can then go back and watch it again and choose different choices!). I had the opportunity ti beta test the film and you are all in for a treat! I am so excited for it to be released! You can find more info about it at:

Next up is Doctor EllaMental's Mad lab Picture Show! I had a very small role for this series. I made the duck puppet they use in the show! While it was a small role I love that little puppet, he is just too darn cute!!! (he is at the right hand bottom corner of the photo above) the series looks really funny! and the puppet is a ongoing character in the show! It will also be on flickssphere.com with Fear Fighter at the beginning of September, so definitely check it out! And check out the trailer below!

And finally Porkchop 2: Rise of the Rind will be available on DVD on Sept. 25th!! I am so excited about this film being released. I play one of the leads in the film named Meg! The Porkchop franchise by Razor Sharp Studios has been a total blast to work on and I am thrilled that it is being released! It is available for pre order on Amazon, Best Buy .com, as well as other online retailers. Once it is out you should also be able to find it at FYE stores.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pa. Renaissance Faire 2012

What?: Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
When: August 4th- Oct 28th (Weekends)
Location: Lebanon, Pa.

I love going to Renaissance Faires. When I was in college I used to play at the one in Charlotte with UNCG's collegium (I rocked out on some shawm and tenor recorder).  Since then I frequent the Faires in Charlotte and Maryland (and the occasional Raleigh Faire when it was still going on).  However I had never been to the Pa. Ren Faire until yesterday.  I really enjoyed myself. The faire itself was quite small compared to Charlotte or Maryland.

Once we arrived at the faire we immediately looked for food (Since no one had eaten anything that morning, and it was around noon)  I went for the perogies, since they are not that common in the south, and I think they are delicious. Also had a Slush Puppy, since they also do not have them in NC.

 After eating we walked around to see everything that there was to offer at the Faire. There were a lot of Steampunk and Doctor Who costumes around the Faire since it was Time Travelers weekend. This was incredibly fun to see! (I sadly left my Steampunk attire in NC, however it was so incredibly hot outside this was probably not a bad thing). We checked out the Joust, then headed over to one of the many stages and watched a great musical group (fiddle, drums and guitar, sadly I cannot figure who they were out by the map and program). We then walked by the elephant, looked at some of the lovely statues and fountains throughout the grounds and  then we headed over to the wine tasting area. I love different local wines, and wanted to bring something back with me. I got to sample many of the wonderful wines that Mount Hope creates, including their Honey Mead which was quite good. I ended up getting their Apple Wine and Sweet Romance Wine (Sweet White).  The wine at Mount Hope is only sold in Pa. so it is always a treat to bring something new home for my father and I to try!

I also snagged some Blackberry and Cranberry Honey from the BeeFolks for my tea. I had been trying my hardest to make my Blackberry Honey I bought last year at the MD Ren. Faire last as long as possible, and sadly I ran out about two months ago.  This stuff tastes amazing in black teas! And since I am always drinking tea I had to get some more. For those of you who are not familar with the BeeFolks, it's a company out of Maryland that makes flavored honeys as well as beeswax candles and other items. I only ever see them at Ren Faires further north so was happy they were here.  I also snagged 1oz. of Pumpkin Spice Tea as well.

Overall one great day! Even if it was crazy hot! I decided to not go in full Ren. Faire garb since it was so hot, so I wore my peasant top, bodice and blue jeans, which was a wonderful idea since yeah I remember why I love Ren. faires in the Fall, the weather is not blazing hot!  But even with the hot weather I still had a great time and will hopefully be able to go back to the faire again at some point, if not again this year, maybe next year!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Otakon 2012

Convention: Otakon
Date: July 27-29
Location: Baltimore, MD

Otakon is the yearly anime convention located at the inner harbor in Baltimore.  Anime fans gathering to wait in line for hours to get their badges and attend the convention. I thankfully work the convention so I do not have to wait in that horrible line.

Friday I got up early and got into my Cooking Mama two cosplay, which also happened to look just like the mascot for Otakon this year!I worked at the table top gaming able for a little while, then got to meet Jason David Frank!! which was awesome! I am such a huge fan of Power Rangers and he was really nice! I then went back and worked for table top gaming for many more hours. I also got to visit the artist alley and go see Kelly's Keychains artist table.  She has such amazingly cute stuff! I bought my Tardis earrings and necklace from her and wanted to see what else she had with her! I bought a super cute skeleton cameo necklace! After all this awesome stuff I then headed to change out of Cooking Mama and into my music lolita outfit! Got some photos with Sang and then headed back to work some more. After we packed up all the table top gaming stuff I went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Matthew, Ashley, Jessie, and Sang. had delicious food and a piece of Tiramisu cheesecake!

Saturday I got into my Haunted Mansion dress that I finished just before the convention! I was so happy to finally get to wear this dress! I love it! the fabric makes me so happy!!! Sang took some photos of me in the dress with my amazing red ringlet wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs! I then went to work, also did the Squishables scavenger hunt and won an amazing Blue Whale Squishable!! It is sooooo cute!!!! I also met the awesome people who do the Spinnerette web comic! ( spinnyverse.com )

Sunday was Art Auction day! I walked the art around while people spent lots of money on it! OMG! some of that stuff sold for sooooo much! I am so happy the charity auction made a lot of money this year! Last year we made a ton to help Japan relief and I am so happy I get to help with the auction every year! After the auction I made one last run around the artist alley and the dealers room, said my goodbyes, then headed home!

Overall a great Otakon! I always look forward to it every year! I was a but disappointed in their musical guest this year, but everything else was a lot of fun!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Horrorfind Weekend Film Fest 2012!!

The Gnome Before Christmas, the 8 minute short film directed by myself and Mariah Johnson is a official selection of the Horrorfind Weekend Film Festival! The convention is held in Gettysburg, Pa. August 31-Sept 2nd.  If you are attending the convention you should definitely check out the film! Let me know what you think if you get to see it!!!

<3 Angela

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fright Night Film Fest Film Schedules!

So sadly I do not get to go to Fright Night Film Fest/ Fandom Fest! (So sad since Peter Davidson is a guest!) However a very special DVD of Gnome has been taken to be given to him :)

Well if you are going to be at the convention check out some of the films I am in or worked on that are screening!

Friday night in FRENCH at 9:15 Scarecrow at Midnight is playing (I acted, did makeup and wardrobe for this film)

Saturday in BROWN at 1:00pm Foodie is playing! (I did special Fx makeup on this one!)

Saturday in SEGELL at 6:30pm The Gospel According to Hot Pink Jesus Act 3: Have Faith Will Travel (I did makeup for a part of this film)

Sunday in SEGELL at 12:30 in short block F, Mr. Bubbles will play (I directed, wrote, and acted in this film)

Sunday in SEGELL at 2pm Porkchops will screen (I am a lead in this film)

For a complete schedule check it out here

Please check them out if you are attending the the convention!! I would love to hear what people think about each of the films!!!

<3 Angela

Monday, June 25, 2012

ConTemporal 2012

Convention: ConTemporal
Date:  June 22-24
Location: Chapel Hill, NC

ConTemporal is a first year Steampunk convention held in Chapel Hill! I was so excited for this convention! I love Victorian and Steampunk fiction, clothing, movies, and so on. I was so excited to be asked to come as a costume guest for this convention. I had some wonderful panels:
7pm- Doctor Who
8pm- Prop Building
4pm- Cosplay Modeling
7pm- Costume Contest
12pm- Theatrical Makeup

So lots of really fun panels that I got to sit in on!

The convention itself was wonderfully run and  had a great turn out for a first year con! I am so happy it did well since I am really excited to go next year!

So my convention round up!

Thursday: I arrived at the convention hotel (after a short detour since my GPS took me past the hotel, lol) Arrived and met up with some of the lovely ladies I was rooming with! Allegra, Morgan and myself all got ready for the guest dinner and then headed that way. We sat at the table with two gentlemen. One named Ruben, who draws a pretty cool looking comic, and a volunteer named Wookee.  The food was yummy, and the company was awesome! Very fun guest dinner. :)

Friday: Got up and got ready to go and see the sites of the convention.  The hotel was nicely laid out.  They had four or so panel rooms, dealers room, and gaming room. There was an artist alley in the walking area of the hotel and a small concert area where some of the visiting musicians played.  Walked around and checked everything out! Oogled over some of the stuff in the dealers room, even spotted a steampunk short story anthology I did not have... Around 5 I went back and got ready for my panels. For the Doctor Who panel it was Jen. and myself then Zachary Moderated.  It went really well, we talked about Victorian and Steampunk in Doctor Who. The next panel I had was Prop building.  I was on it with Chris, and a husband and wife (whom sadly I cannot remember their names) I was the moderator for this panel. We talked about a lot of different things from customizing nerf guns, to adding lights to props!  Once all of that was over I went and watched the Kilt blowing, then the men's best legs contest!

Saturday: The room was up to watch the Legend of Korra season finale! after that we all started to get ready for panels and other events (like me wanting to get Cherie Priest to sign one of my Steampunk anthologies).  I got my book signed! Got some photos with the awesome Fang Fox! then got ready for the modeling panel with Allegra!  We had a really fun panel, brought up people to pose as they would if they were modeling and just shared stories! The it was onto the costume contest! There were around twenty entries, and all were awesome! It was really hard to pick the winners for the contest, so many amazing entries and talent at the con! After the contest went back and took off the boots I had worn for the last two days, chilled out, went to Illogicon's brownie party.  Headed back to the room and ate some pizza, then put on Allegra's gold chainmail bikini and went back out to some of the room parties. Then headed to bed, because I was pretty exhausted!

Got up and all packed up then headed to my panel on Theatrical makeup! Had a great time with Jen and Kim on this panel, we talked about different types of body paints, prosthetics and lots of other awesome stuff! After the panel I went and got that one Steampunk Anthology I did not own (yes I have one weakness, books....) and then chilled out, said my goodbyes and headed home.

Overall one super AMAZING convention! I had a blast, Thank you ConTemporal for having me out as a costume guest! I had a great time and I am so excited to see what you guys do for nest year!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Anime Mid-Atlanic 2012

Convention: Anime Mid-Atlantic
Date: June 15th-17th
Location: Chesapeake, Va

I love AMA! It has always been one of my favorite conventions to go too! I used to arrange music to play on the Oboe for the Cosplay Contest for many years.  Now I judge the Hall Costume Contest! Which is always a blast seeing all the amazing costume that are entered!

Friday I helped with the long drive to Chesapeake.  Arrived in the early afternoon and got checked into the hotel.  Then got into my Coffee lolita and went to judge the HCC!  After the HCC I went and hung out at the photo booth for a bit to see Shannon! and then headed out for food! Got to go to Joe's Crab Shack! which is always incredibly yummy (and messy!). Also stopped and got some tea, because sadly I forgot my tea.

Saturday got up early and judged the HCC in Tohru Hinda (Fruits Basket).  Finished judging, then checked out the dealers room, and oogled at the purple Alpaca dolls (which I could not buy this time :(  ).  Then chilled out for a bit, changed into USO and headed to the Cosplay Contest! Watched a lot of awesome skits! handed out awards! then went to dinner! Came back got into my music lolita skirt and went and saw Salia perform in concert! Love watching Salia in concert! She did a bunch of her new songs, as well as the Cutey Honey theme and the Gao Rangers Ending song! <3  If you get the chance to see Salia at a convention I would definitely go!

Sunday got all packed up, hung out with friends, and then made the drive back (which was even longer than before because of traffic)  Stopped at noodles on the way home and had some incredibly yummy Pad Thai for dinner!! <3

AMA was fun as always, I have so many wonderful friends that go, and I am so happy I get to judge at such a fun con! Can't wait until next year!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

ConCarolinas 2012

Convention: ConCarolinas (http://www.concarolinas.org/)
Date: June 1-4
Location: Charlotte, NC

ConCarolinas is a great sci-fi/fantasy convention. I have been going since 2005 (however I used to only go on Saturdays) and have loved every year I have gone! This year I was a panelist and did a lot of fun panels.

Friday: Got to the con and chilled out. I had a panel on begging sewing, which was fun, always cool to talk to people about sewing, or how to get started when you have no idea where to start. Since that was my only panel for Friday I then got some yummy Mexican food and hung out for the rest of the night. Sadly I got my times wrong and missed the G.H.O.S.T. screening (which I am in as well as helped with makeup and wardrobe on). 

Saturday: Lots of panels for me on Saturday, we had the Gallifrey Pirate Radio Panel, Doctor Who Season in Review, Game of Thrones, Steampunk Fashion show and the costume contest which I was judging. Didnt get to do too much other than panels on Saturday.  I had a few films play during the film fest (The Gnome Before Christmas, Foodie) but I missed them due to panels. However both films that screened got awards in the film fest!!! Gnome got best kills! (so happy on it winning another award! the first being at the Killride Film Fest in Myrtle Beach). Foodie also got Best Short film (Woooot film I did lots of crazy makeup on!!). After the costume contest I went and sat in on the Porkchop II screening for the first half of the film, then went to find fooooood!

Sunday: Checked out of the hotel.  Had three films play during the film fest (Mr. Bubbles, Splintered, and Chain of Custody), and am acting round table panel.  After the panel we left and got some food before driving home.

Over all the convention was a lot of fun! I got to see friends I had not seen in months! I got to chill out and talk nerdy things on panels!  Can't wait until next year!!!

Fun photo my friend Michael took!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Porkchop II DVD Cover!!

So the date and DVD cover have been released for the US release of Porkchops or as it is being called Porlchop II!! The DVD will be released through Alternative Cinema on Sept 25, 2012. If the release is like Porkchop I then it will be available at F.Y.E. (as well as Target.com, Walmart.com, Barnes N Noble.com and so one)

I am super excited for it being released so soon! and if you cannot wait until Sept. to see it on DVD, the film will be screaning at Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville KY (www.frightnightfilmfest.com) June29-July1st. (where you can also see a few of my other films like Mr. Bubbles, Scarecrow at Midnight and Foodie!)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Animazement 2012

Convention: Aimazement (animazement.org)
Date: May 25-27
Location: Raleigh, NC

Animazement is always a fun convention to go too. This year, for the second year, I judged the cosplay contest. I have always loved competing at Animazement, and did so for many years, so it is neat to be on the other side judging all the amazing costumes, the amount of creativity that people come with just amazes me!

I had not had that much time to sew because of graduating from grad school earlier in May, so I put together a lolita dress and brought some older costumes and outfits (Cooking Mama, USO Girl, and a Steampunk outfit). I also made some cute hair bows to match my dress, sadly one of them fell out of my bad while I was unloading the car and disappeared!
My new dress! So comfy! (Thanks SoulFire Studios for the photos!)

I got to room with the wonderful Chiara Scuro, who I also rocked some steampunk outfits with on Saturday night (Thanks FoxFang for the photos!)

As for the actual convention, Animazemnt always has a lot going on from a cool little artist alley, to a sweet dealers room, to concerts (which sadly I missed and as many of you know I love a good J-Pop concert), to panels and of course the Masquarade!

The dealers room was nice, lots of fun stuff! (I walked away with some cute Tasty Peach Studio's jewelry, a panda necklace shaped like a candy corn and a super cute pink Alpaca plushy!).  Because of judging I did not get to attend many panels, but all the ones my friends went too, and ran all seemed to go great and have a wonderful turnout. I was also incredibly impressed with one of the contest entrants who came to the feedback panel on Sunday, she showed up with her boyfriend in costume and a pad and pencil and asked us (the judges) how she could improve some areas of the costume, and took notes on what we said so she could improve, it was very refreshing to see someone take constructive criticism and use it to their advantage to learn, instead of getting mad about it.

Over all Animazement is always one of my favorite anime cons to go to because of all the wonderful people and wonderfully run convention. I have been going for many many years and I hope to continue to go!
One of my favorite photos taken by Quadrain! He always takes some of the best pics of my outfits and costumes!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holy Cow! I am in the Washington Post!!!

So while at Mysticon 2012 back in February an interviewer from the Washington Post took some photos of my USO Girl costume, and the issue came out!! Here is a scan of the article with the photo of my USO (and The Chainmail Chick as well!). It is really cool to have been featured in this article!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

RavenCon 2012

Convention: RavenCon
Date: April 13th-15th
Location: Richmond, Va.

This was my first Ravencon. I had known about the con for years, and being from Charlottesville you figured I would have made the trip to the convention at some point. But last year I was filming on Plan 9 during Ravencon and other years it ended up being the same weekend as the DC Cherry Blossom Festival. So I made the trek there this year! However I had been to this hotel! AMA was held here back in the day!

Friday: Made the trip to Richmond.  Checked into the hotel and then headed out for food and Toys R Us, where I found some super cute Kuromi socks on sale!  Then headed back to the hotel and looked around. Saw Kara and a few other people I knew! Went to opening ceremonies and saw Carla's awesome cake she made for the con! Checked out some panels went to some room parties and then headed to bed (since I always get tired after being in a car for a few hours). I did not really get into any costumes on Friday, mostly was me just being lazy walking around in a Doctor Who shirt.

Got up and breakfast at the hotel.  Got signed up for the costume contest. Chilled out with some of the awesome people from Mysticon for a bit, walked around and checked out the dealers room (bought a cute pair of brown and green chainmail earrings) Went to the Doctor Who panel since we were filming it for GPR. Then got into costume for the contest.  I wore my Clockwork Android costume for the contest.  I am SOOOOOOOOO happy they hotel was very well air conditioned. I really dislike the mask at this point after wearing it for so long at Dragoncon and busting a blood vessel in my eye. It is fine for limited wear, but a few hours noooooooo. I had a kid look at me in fear then attempt to pull the mask off my face (old enough to know not to grab and pull at someone, so that was a but annoying) So I did my walk on and off the stage, was a creepy robot, and got BEST IN SHOW! woot! Made my weekend! Was very excited and honored to get best in show! After the contest got out of costume and had dinner with Kara and Rob, then went back to the hotel, hung out at CapClaves party for a bit with Kara, watch some of the Bella Morte concert, and then headed to bed.

Got all packed up, walked around the con center and dealers room (got a cute purple and black chainmail bracelet). Went to the Doctor Who Vs. the Xenomorphs panel, got pulled up on stage to be a panelist for it, So we filmed a GPR episode of it with Billy, Myself and Davey on the panel.  After that said goodbyes and headed home.  Long and fun weekend!

and sadly the only photo I have of the weekend is me in my Doctor The Who shirt. No costume stuff this time :(

Monday, April 30, 2012

Blood on the Beach 2012

Convention: Blood on the Beach 1 (2012)
Dates: April
Location: Chesapeake, Va.

Blood on the Beach is a first year horror convention that was held in Chesapeake, Va (in the old Nekocon and AMA hotel).  I was really excited to be going to this convention since I had so many awesome films screening! (Porkchops, Plan 9 teaser, Fear Fighter trailer, The Gnome Before Christmas, Scarecrow at Midnight).

I arrived at the convention hotel and met up with Melissa and Joe and chilled out while I waited on Mariah and John to get there since I was rooming with them.  They arrived, we all chilled and had a pretty relaxing Thursday.

 Found where the Darkstone table was going to be at (a little crazy) and then set up everything with Mariah.  Chilled at the table for the bit then went and searched for the Razor Sharp Studio table! Found the awesome Porkchop banner, chilled out there, visited the awesome Melisa at her booth and just went between the Darkstone and Razor Sharp table.  Friday night got some dinner with the Razor Sharp crowd and my friend Robert and then got some sleep.

Got up and got all the stuff down to the Darkstone table with the Darkstone family.  Mariah and I did Addy Miller's makeup for the zombie walk.  Then pretty much sat between the Darkstone and Razor Sharp tables.  Went to the Plan 9/ Fear Fighter/ Dante's Inferno screening! Awesome packed room! Sat in on the Ghost Trek screening, then visited with friends in the autograph room, sat at the Razor Sharp and Darkstone tables some more.  After closing up everything table wise, Checked out the concerts going on (Bella Morte, and G Tom Mac) and then Mariah, Elanor and myself went and all put on different wigs and walked around a bit more in disguise!  After that it was time for sleep! (since it was rather late/early....)

Got the tables all ready, went to the Gnome Before Christmas Screening! and the Porkchops screening, then sold DVD's at the tables.  Also I bought a pretty awesome looking snake bracelet!!  Stayed at the con until the end when everyone was heading out. Packed up the Darkstone booth, and then headed home. Wonderful weekend and wonderful con!! Can not wait until the next one!!!