Wednesday, November 21, 2012

North Carolina Renaissance Festival

What: North Carolina Renaissance Festival 19
When: October 6th-Nov 18th

I started going to the NC Renaissance Festival back in 2004 with the UNCG Renaissance music group. We would play recorders, sing, and play other Renaissance instruments at the faire. I have always loved dressing up in garb and going to the faire. The food the music, the shows, all the other fun that there is to be had for the day.

My father and I wandered around and looked at all the merchants first. We then watched the Dead Bob Show, which is always amusing and funny, if not offensive to some, but they pretty much let you know the show if for 18+ and will be vulgar. My Dad actually laughed at a lot of the jokes and the reactions of the audience, so I found that to be really amusing.

We watched a bit of the joust, well what we could see since there were a lot of people there, after a bit we just wandered around, I looked in the shops at all the pretty skirts and corsets. We also hit up the mini petting zoo, I love the sheep, they are so soft and all the other animals are always fun to see and pet and feed.

Watched a bit of a belly dancing troupe dance, Got a delicious piece of cheesecake, and watched some of the wandering musical acts, then headed out. The trip only lasted a few hours but was really fun. Really wish I had not been getting over being sick and could have dressed up and enjoyed myself a bit more, but sadly I had bronchitis this year and the weather in NC was starting to get cold, so I dressed warm, as to not get any worse.

I am really excited for the Renn. Faire this year since I plan on being in perfect health and want to go and have an even better time!

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