Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NekoCon 15 (2012)

What: NekoCon 15 (2012)
When: November 2-4
Location: Hampton Roads, Va.

Nekocon is a great con! I have been going now for about five years straight now, I love this con, I love the people that go and I love getting to hang out and just have fun at a convention.  I work for the video game room every year and love my Otakon family that I get to see. 

Last year I entered the Costume Contest with Matthew after not entering for a few years and we won! Well this year the plan was to enter again with Matthew, but his class schedule did not work out so I entered on my own for craftsmenship.  I finally finished my Amu costume from Shugo Charra that I had planned to do last year.  I love this little outfit! It is poofy and plaid, and I get to walk around in Rocking Horse shoes (which is not incredibly easy).  I ended up winning best overall craftsmenship in the contest, which was really awesome! The prizes were great too! They had lots of awesome sewing gear that anyone who sews would love!

I was also incredibly excited about getting to eat at a Irish pub that actually had shepherds pie that i could eat! Many places have started putting mushrooms in it (which is NOT how it is traditionally made) and since I am allergic to mushrooms that makes me incredibly sad. However this pub did not! which meant I got to enjoy some yummy food! I was sad the Mongolian restaurant across the street from the Hampton Roads convention center had closed though.

I only purchased one thing this time, a ginger bread Dalek Christmas ornament, from the artist alley.  I also got a cute Nyan Cat bag with a gift certificate from Wizzy Wigs. 

Overall NekoCon was GREAT fun and I cannot wait for next years convention!

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