Monday, January 30, 2012

Illogicon 2012

Convention: Illogicon 1
Date: January 13-15
Location: Raleigh, NC

This years Illogicon was it's first year! It was a blast, having so many amazing people there and doing our first live broadcast of GPR with a full cast! Small cons are always wonderful and relaxing and this one definitely was that!
My panel schedule for the con was:

- LARPing and RPGs.  Friday, 3:00 PM, Washington
-       What Makes Truly Scarey Horror. Friday, Midnight
- Costuming on the Cheap.  Saturday, 10:00 AM, Lincoln
- Gallifrey Pirate Radio.  Saturday, 9:00 PM, Lincoln
- Sci-Fi On Screen.  Sunday, 1:00 PM, Washington
-       Convention Stories. Sunday, 3:00PM
- See I’m So Pretty.  Sunday, 6:00 PM, Washington

Arrived at the hotel, checked in, got badges, then went and got food, and "OMG A TEA STORE!!!!" Tin Roof Teas in Raleigh ( ) . I got two types of tea, blood orange black tea and gummy bear tea!!! Also Earl Grey chap-stick! Awesome!!!  Got back to the hotel, made it to the LARPing and RPG's panel (which I was on for the costuming aspect). The next panel was "What Makes Truly Scary Horror" so basically how to scare people when writing stories or scripts. This panel was incredibly interesting and fun to do!

Got up and to the "Costuming on the Cheap" panel. Always interesting to hear how other people make their costuming hobby fir into their budget.  After that I went to a few other panels, hung out with friends and basically just enjoyed the convention for the day. At 9pm Gallifrey Pirate Radio had their first convention episode! This was a huge panel of GPR people! Lots of fun! We did a the two mini episodes "Space" and "Time".  The groups consensus was definitely that two Amy's would be awesome!

Normally Sunday's are my day to chill out and do nothing. However I had three panels on Sunday.  I started my day by getting a lovely breakfast with Sang and Kirsten. Then headed back for some panels! The panels went on until about 7pm. Then headed home and went to bed!

Overall a wonderful little convention and I am really excited for next year! If you are in the Raleigh area in January definitely check out Illogicon!!