Friday, December 5, 2014

Ipsy December Bag

          So after months and months of research on the monthly makeup boxes I finally settled on Ipsy. I am supper excited to get my first bag of goodies. I got a sneak of what I am getting in it.

       It comes with a cute bag, and some goodies. I am really excited for the Crown Brush. I have a brush holder by them and their quality is great! I have tried the Tarte Mascara and own it already so I know it is great quality! I am also excited for the Lip color and the glitter shadow. I am also perfectly fine with a moisturizing conditioner.
Once I get the bag I'll post a video of my bag and a video on how to use each of the products! I am hoping I can continue doing these for a few months, since I love different makeup products and stuff I may not think of using because I am so stuck in my ways of products I have used for years! If you are interested in makeup definitely check out Ipsy!