Tuesday, March 22, 2016

[Korean Beauty Products] Beauteque Mask Maven February Bag

Mask Maven is a monthly bag where you get around 9-11 full sized face masks delivered in a drawstring bag. The masks can be anything from cute Korean animal face masks, eye masks to gel face masks. You can subscribe for one month or more, and you get a discount with the more you subscribe too. I was gifted a three month subscription from a friend, so I am looking forward to the next three months of face masks!

Fabulous February comes with 9 different masks, from green tea, to Honey, to blueberry masks! They all look fantastic and some have some really fun packaging too!

There are a few masks that you could get one or the other for, they have them all listed on this list. I really like that they have the instructions and what the mask is on this list, as well as what benefits the mask is supposed to have for your skin, since some of them are not all written in English (since these are Korean Face Masks.) 

The first mask I used was the Mizon face sheet mask. This is supposed to be a calming mask that soothes your skin. It also has moisturizer in it to moisturize your skin. I have not used a lot of these type of masks in the past (a few but not too many) this was when I first felt it felt slimy to me (in a good way) and when putting it on my face it felt good on my skin. 

I also look super scary in these masks, like a character out of a horror movie! 

I haven't gotten to use all the masks in this bag yet, but some of these have super cute artwork on the packages. I love the cute Green Tea and Honey Bee drawings on these.

As well as this one Black Face Sheet Mask that is a honey mask. This one smelled good when I had it on, and was very cooling on my skin. 

These two masks intrigue me, one is a "cactus" mask and the other is a "Snail and black pearl" mask, both are things I would normally not put on my face, but I really want to try them! 

 Leaders Sheet Mask had three different ones that could have come in your bag, you got one of those three. I got the AC-Dressing sheet mask that is supposed to fight acne and redness and reduce pre appearance. 

 My favorite of ALL the masks in this bag, the Animal Mask. These masks have designs on them, so when you wear they make your face look like the animal, in this case a Honey Bear. I was so excited a cute animal mask came in this months bag, since I love these things. This one contains honey, blueberry, raspberry and royal jelly to help elasticity, and hydrate your face. 

The last mask is a wash off blueberry mask. It had a lotion consistency once opened and was enough for at least two uses. This one is supposed to fight acne and signs of aging.

Mask Maven is $15 for a month to month subscription the more months you sign up the price goes down a little. I loved my first month of it and will hopefully be able to make it through all these masks before my next one comes (and if not then Ill just use them all up as fast as I can!) You can find more info here! 

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