Monday, March 7, 2016

[Tea Review] Whittard of Chelsea "English Rose Black Tea"

"English Rose" is another one of the three teas that my lovely friend Kara brought me back on her last trip to England. I am a sucker for rose teas so I was super excited for this one!

First off, I love this packaging. The purple tin, with pink roses all over it is lovely! The tins are also air tight, so the tea stays fresh. This one if a 25 g. in that came in a set of three.

The dry tea looks fantastic, all that is there are tea leaves and rose petals (which you can see a tiny one in this photo, there were larger ones in the tin.) The ingredients are also just black tea, and English rose petals, so always nice to know what you are getting in your drink. The tea also has a wonderful black tea smell, with a small hint of rose. 

The taste is also wonderful. It has a great black tea taste with a hint of rose, this one is more black tea than rose tasting, which is fine, since many rose teas are a bouquet of roses in your mouth. It is nice to have one in my pantry that has a nice hint of rose to it.

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