Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ipsy Bag November 2015

Here is my review of all the items in my November 2015 Ipsy bag!

The Bag: THIS BAG! this is my favorite bag that I have ever received from Ipsy. The galaxy motif looks fantastic and I love this bag! It is so pretty! 

Ayres Hand Cream- I got this as an extra this month from using Ipsy points. I really loved the Ayres Patagonia Body Butter (it had a hint of Bergamot, so of course I loved it!) This hand cream is creamy, soaks into your skin and has a lemongrass smell to it, which is subtle and not overwhelming at all. It is also very moisturizing.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara- I have used Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara before and really like it. I have it on my Ipsy list that i do not want to receive mascara, but since everyone got this in their bag, I am OK with that (especially since when I do wear mascara, this is one I do not mind using) I have incredibly long lashes so I do not always use mascara, unless I am wearing costumes or going to a special event. This is a great quality mascara and I would recommend it to any of my friends looking for a brand to go with! 

INSPR Beauty Eyeshadow in the color Carnival- I get a lot of brown/nude/champagne eyeahdows from Ipsy (I was REALLY excited for the NYX trio a few months ago though because yeah.) This color is very light (VERY light) it has a really pretty shimmer and is not dark at all. It is a color I will use so that is always a good thing! Very shimmery, which you can never have enough shimmer!

Mai Couture Hello Gorgeous Makeup Paper Travel Blush- Blush paper was the one item I was somewhat on edge about in my Ipsy Bag this month. I wear blush very sparingly, and I am weird on what colors I wear. This is VERY pink, and shimmery. It is however not overwhelming in color and looks very pretty for someone like me, who has fair skin. I am not sure how much I like the paper format, but it doesnt take up a lot of space in my makeup bag, which is nice. 

Bdellium Tools Blending Brush (Eyes 776)- I LOVE getting brushes in my Ipsy Bags. You can never have too many brushes, ever! This one aesthetically isn't very pretty, the bristles are soft  and flexible, and not many came out after I used it once or twice, the first few loose ones from packaging seemed to be it. So overall a decent brush to blend with. 

Figs and Rouge Mattifying Emulsion- This is what I was super excited to try out this month! I have oily skin, and anything that helps make my skin a matte, non shiny mess (ya know unless I add that shine myself) is a good thing. Mattifying Emulsion is supposed to minimize pores and be anti-shine, it does help with both. The consistency has a watery lotion feel to it. It goes on your skin an soaks in quick. Does not have a strong smell at all (you can barely smell it actually.) It also does not feel like you have anything on your skin, which is good. I was very happy that the one item in my bag I was most excited for, ended up living up to my hopes for it!

Ipsy is $10 a month and you get a bag with travel and full sized products in it! I have been doing it for almost a year and I love it! Check it out here!

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