Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[Makeup Review] Sugarpill Addicted to Pretty SweetHeart Eyeshadow Palette

I love bright colors, so when I saw the Sugarpill palettes I had to get one. I decided on the Sweet Heart palette since the other I had my eyes on was out of stock. I had heard great things about SugarPill as a company, they are cruelty free, which I love! and they have lots of fun products! (Plus they just did an Edward Scissorhands inspired line, awesome!) 

The packaging for the four eye shadow palette is fantastic, Very brightly colored, which I kind of expected from a company selling super bright makeup! There is even a mirror inside of the palette so you can apply on the go! The package is sturdy and thin so it fits in a makeup box, or a purse makeup bag easy.

These colors! OMG it is like a unicorn threw up in here! Look how bright they are! First off, finding a super pigmented pink eye shadow that will not break the bank is somewhat hard! This pink is crazy awesome and looks amazing on, their name for it is Dollipop. They also have an electric blue called Afterparty, a bright green called Midori, and a white called Tako. The palette contains 3.5 grams of each eyeshadow and retails for $34.00 (that's $8.50 a piece!)

Just LOOK at these colors! So bright! 

Inside Light                  Outside Light

I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who wants that bright, standout look, that you do not have to worry about fading during the day. You can find Sugarpill's website here , and the SweetHeart palette here!

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