Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Geek Girl Makeup Review] Disney Princess SOHO Makeup Brush Sets

So in case you did not know Walgreen's carries SOHO makeup brush sets! They have three brush sets and two beauty blender sets as well. The makeup brush sets are Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine. The Beauty Blender sets are Snow White and Aurora. I reviewed the brush sets since out of the collection those were the ones I could use (the beauty blenders have latex in them so sadly I could not use those :( ) However I was SO excited that three of my favorite Disney Princesses were the brush sets!!!

The Ariel brush sets come with two brushes (one is double sided.) They are the Complexion Perfecting Brush (double sided) and the Beauty Highlighting brush. 

The brushes are a lovely green color, with a scale design on the handle and a shell design on the metal part connecting the handle and the bristles. The brush (synthetic, nylon) hairs are soft and do not shed (which is always a good thing to know!) This set retails for 14.99.

The Belle set was the first set I purchased, and fell in love with these brushes. They are just pretty, and well made. The first thing I always do with new brushes is pull on the hairs to see if any are going to come out, none did for these, and those spare hairs that come out on your face are always so annoying. 

The Belle set comes with three eye brushes. A flat angled liner brush, medium fluff brush and a large fluff brush. The angled brush is fantastic for liner, and the two fluff brushes work wonderful for applying eye shadows and blending. 
This set retails for  $12.99, which is also a fantastic deal for good brushes. 

The last set of brushes is Jasmine. Which has three double sided brushes.  A fluff and liner brush, a Crease and Detail Brush, and a Brow shaping brush. 
First off a brush set that has a liner AND a eye shadow brush together? that is fantastic for a brush set that retails for 14.99 and is easily available!

The design on this one has a tear drop pattern and a lamp on the metal piece, the two purples also look lovely together.

I highly recommend these brush sets to any ladies who love Disney, makeup and are looking for some new brushes to use that are cute and very nice quality. They are affordable, and wont break the bank! Many Walgreens still have these sets, just check in their makeup brush section. Also check out the other Disney makeup lines they have in the store as well! 

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