Monday, November 16, 2015

[Geek Girl Makeup Review] Cover Girl Star Wars Makeup!

So if you are a fan of Star Wars, and a girl who loves makeup, then you may have heard of Cover Girl's new Star Wars makeup line that they have brought out to celebrate the new movies that comes out in Dec. However finding it was a challenge at first, but after two months of looking in stores, the makeup is now showing up! I have so far found it at CVS and Target (and have been told by friends they have also seen it at Walgreens.) The display below is from Target.

The line has Lipsticks, Nail Polish and Mascara. I picked up a few and you can read all about them below!

First, I'll start off with the Mascara, This one comes in two types and has 10 different packages, each with a different Star Wars quote on them! (5 light side quotes and 5 dark side quotes) The two types are Waterproof and then Super Sizer Mascara. The one below is the waterproof mascara (they all have the Light Side quotes while the Super Size has the Dark Side quotes.)

Lipsticks, there are six different colors, each with Star Wars packaging, the colors do not have fun names, but numbers to distinguish their colors. ( was only able to get four of the six colors they have out.) They have really great coverage and average between 5-7$ depending on where you buy them at.

The lipsticks go on very smooth and have great coverage, they also last for hours, you do have to reapply every once in awhile, but The color went on and stayed on when I wore color 50 at an anime con I was last at! The packing is also very fun!

Nail Polish, there are also six shades of nail polish (much like the lipsticks) the nail polish however do have fun names that go along with each one! I was able to get Speed of Light which is a grey color and Mutant, which is a blue color. There is also Red Revenge (Deep Red), Fury (Orange), Nemesis (Purple), and Nuclear (Lime Green). Each color is supposed to be a gel like shine that last up to seven days and has a chip proof formula.

The nail polish has great coverage and you do not have to do more than two coats to get great coverage, it stayed on for many days before chipping as well (and I am rough on my hands between computer, playing Ukulele and other activities!) And the colors are really fun (from normal business/work acceptable colors to "crazy" colors)

Overall I am very happy with all these different makeups that CoverGirl has put out. It is really fun for a company to be catering to the female fans of a science fiction franchise. The makeup is good quality for an inexpensive brand that is sold in drugstores. I really hope they decide to jump on the boat for other Geeky brands or even other companies follow in their footsteps! 

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