Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Loot Crate Level Up Accessories November

So in October I started doing Loot Crates Level Up for Accessories. Now I love nerdy socks and they had a sock Level Up, however after looking at what the two had gotten in the past I decided to go with the Accessories one since it has options I really liked in it. For the month of November they had two really fun items in their Accessories "crate" A Nuka Cola Bag and a Hunger Games Necklace. 


The theme for November was: 

Fall Out 4: Nuka Cola Bag

This bag is really cute, it zips up into a bottle cap of Nuka Cola and when unzipped is a fabulous, roomy bag that you can carry all your awesome stuff in! The fabric is water resistant, which is awesome! The back of the bag is really fun too! The Nuka Cola bottle cap zips up into a small pocket in the back, which is really clever! 

The Hunger Games Necklace

I wear necklaces a lot more than other jewelry (well next to earrings) So I wasnt to bothered that this was the second necklace I have gotten in the two months I have had Level Up! (The Doctor Who necklace last month and this one.) The Necklace is nice quality and can be adjusted in length and has the Hunger Games logo on it.

So far I have really enjoy the monthly Level Up! Accessories, The surprise has been fun, and getting cute geeky items each month is always a plus! 

Want to try it out? Check it out here  

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