Wednesday, December 30, 2015

[Spice Review] Savory Spice Shop "Mulling Spices"

One of my favorite places to get spices and other fun ingredients to cook with is the Savory Spice Shop in Greensboro, NC at The Shops at Friendly Center. They have everything you could possibly want to make your food amazing, from spices and mixtures for meats, dips, flavored extracts, sugars, salts, etc.

They also make  Mulling Spices, that I decided to try out with a wonderful red holiday wine I had from Mount Hope Winery when I went to the Pa. Renaissance Faire a while ago.

Using the Mulling Spices was pretty normal, you simmer them on the stove top for a bit ( about 20 minutes) then discard your water and add the wine. I have used Milling spices before, so this was pretty typical for preparing it. (I used a form of Mulling Spices in my Face Hugger Wassail from my Cookbook Shut Up and Eat!The Unofficial Doctor Who Series Ate Cookbook)

I would highly recommend trying out these spices if you like hot apple ciders, or mulled wines, they work for really anyone who likes hot spiced drinks. Savory Spice even has some recipes on their webpage to help you come up with ideas for using their products.

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