Monday, December 7, 2015

[Tea Review] Kusmi Tea's Rose Green Tea

What's better than plain tea? Tea with roses in it! I love the taste of rose in my tea, whether it is black or green tea! In the case of Kumi's Rose Green Tea, its green tea. Upon opening up the 4.4 oz container of loose tea I was punched in the face by a  bouquet of roses! And it was fantastic!

My first impression of this tea was it was going to be amazing just because of the smell. After steeping it the smell was not quite as rose-tastic, but the rose smell was still there, the green tea smell just came through a lot more. However the taste was great! Green tea with hints of rose flavoring in it, this tea is the stuff dreams are made of for people who love rose in their tea! If you want a stronger rose taste you can even make it a bit stronger by steeping it longer (but be warned this can also make the tea bitter.)

This was the second green tea I had tried from Kusmi (the first being their Strawberry green Tea.) and I will say that I am hit or miss with green teas from companies, I either like them or do not, and I have so far loved the green teas from Kusmi.

Also can we talk about the packaging? I love the Kusmi tins! (and their boxes that their tea bags come in.) They are just lovely and very well made! High quality goes into the tea AND the packaging, which is always shows a company really cares about their product when they also care about how they present it. 


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