Wednesday, December 9, 2015

[Geek Girl Makeup Review] Dare to Dream Beauty Book Mulan

Walgreens released three Disney Beauty Books, one for Ariel, Pocahontas and Mulan. I got my hands on the Mulan one (I ordered it online, but I have heard they also have them in some stores.)

The Beauty Books have all you need for makeup looks ranging from daily looks to night time looks. They come with eye shadows, blush, eye liner and lipstick, all named after characters or events in the Mulan film. They even have a spread that shows you how to apply a Day and Night look. With steps of how to get the look on yourself.

There are 9 eye shadows in this set, each has their own name referencing Mulan. The eye shadows are incredibly pretty colors. They all had decent coloring to them but were not super pigmented. However still awesome to create fun looks! 

The two Blushes are very lovely colors. Depending on skin tone, both could work for a person or at least one would look good on anyone I think. 

The last items in this set are the lipstick and the eye liner. The lipstick is a pretty reddish color and the liner is a normal black color.

Over all this is a fantastic set for $10. It is great for Disney fans who love makeup, or even for that young girl who loves Disney and is just getting into makeup! The makeup is basic drug store quality makeup, but what do you expect for $10.

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