Monday, December 14, 2015

[Tea Review] Twinings of London's Christmas Tea

I am always excited for the holiday season because it means Twinings will start selling their Christmas tea, a black tea with cinnamon and clove flavors in it. It is a joy to drink and I generally stock up on it so I can enjoy it for a part of the year.

This year was no different and in November I found the tea on the shelf in my local store I shop at. The wonderful thing about this tea is it tastes wonderful and it is not super expensive, I generally find it 2 boxes for $3 which, with how I drink tea, is right up my ally.

The tea itself smells like black tea with a very light spice scent to it, and when tasting it, it has hints of cinnamon and clove in it for taste. I generally sweeten mine with honey if I want it sweeter. So it works for those tea drinkers that like their tea black, or with sweetener added to it. Tastes good either way.
You can find Twinings Christmas tea on their webpage and in most Grocery stores

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  1. I like this tea. If you like it, Harney and Sons Holiday Tea is also a good one and available sometimes in Target.