Thursday, December 3, 2015

[Tea Review] Kusmi Tea's Tsarevna Tea

I am an avid tea drinker, last year I discovered Kusmi Tea, a Tea company out of France. I ordered a few of their teas and fell in love. I drink enough tea that I have decided to start reviewing them on my blog with all my other geeky reviews.

I got as package of Tea today in the mail, so what do I do right away? I pull out my Doctor Who mug, my rubber ducky tea infuser and I make myself a cup of tea!

I received a 4.4 oz. tin of Tsarevna Tea with an order I made on Black Friday. This is their Holiday tea that they release each year. 

They have a cute little story on their webpage to go along with it;

"Once upon a time…
The Tsarevnas, daughters of the Tsars, used to journey to the heart of Imperial Russia for Christmas celebrations. They would go to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg – the birthplace of Kusmi Tea – where an immense tree would be adorned with Christmas decorations. Kusmi Tea celebrates that 19th century tradition by introducing Tsarevna, a Christmas tea inspired by that era; a Russian blend of black tea, spices and orange. "

My first impressions after opening my tin of tea was the smell, it has an amazing orange and vanilla smell (more orange in my opinion though), I needed to make a cup right away because this stuff smelled amazing! This is a black tea so the tea itself is dark, has a spiced smell to it, you can smell the vanilla way more once you steep it. 

The taste is subtle, very good, you have a vanilla after taste, and the actual taste has accents of spice and a very light orange peel taste. If you like your tea sweet you will have to add whatever sweetener you like, I always like to taste whichever tea I am trying before I add any type of sweetener (in my case honey.) For me this did not need any extra sweetener, it was not super sweet, but had enough vanilla taste to me for it to be sweet.

I really like this tea and am really excited I got to try it, since I most likely would not have ordered this particular one  (which has been the case with a lot of Kusmi's teas, has I not been sent their samples with my orders I would have most likely not ordered many of the ones I now regularly drink.) They normally send tea bag samples in each order you get from them, so it gives you the chance to try out other teas they have! Which is always a fun surprise! You can find Kusmi online here!

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