Friday, December 4, 2015

[Makeup Review] J.Cat Beauty Review

I love discovering new makeup brands for myself that have fun colors and products that I can use in my makeup adventures! I discovered J.Cat because of Ipsy. They sent out their Wonder Lip Paint in a Glam Bag. I was already a fan of Lip Tar from OCC, and being able to find another company that made a similar product in amazing colors, for less, yeah I was excited! Since finding out about J.Cat Beauty I have purchased a few other products in their line, some on their webpage and a few I was lucky enough to find at Ulta, which was super nice since I could see all the colors instead of seeing them on a computer screen! I have reviews of the products I own below.

Pout-Holic Lipstick- I love crazy lipstick colors (as well as regular everyday colors!) I found the Pout-Holic Lipstick at Ulta and picked up the color Shaking My Head, a shimmery gold color. This color looks fantastic by itself or over a darker color! It goes on smooth and is packed with color! It is creamy and feels very light on your lips. It also smells nice! Pout-Holic Lipstick retails for $4.99

Liptitude 24/7- This lip stain is amazing! It is very pigmented and the colors are fantastic! This lip stain will stay on ALL DAY! I used it on one of my friends for a costume they were wearing, and their lip color lasted all day. It is hydrating and smells great too! The colors pop when you have them on your lips (I have to dab it a few times on me so the color is not so intense.) The Liptitude was one of the awesome J.Cat Beauty items I have received in my Ipsy bag! Liptitude 24/7 retails for $5.99

Wonder Lip Paint- This was what caught my eye at first about J.Cat Beauty, their Lip Paints. They are in little tubes and a lot goes a long way, these tubes will last me forever! I first got the color Red Potion, which is a dark red, and super lovely when you have it on. I use a small lip brush to apply it to my lips so I get the coverage I want. (You can also use a cotton swab if you do not have a lip brush.) They also have a lot of really fun colors like different shades of green and blue (I also have their mint green and it is so pretty!) The product has a pleasant smell, and if you are careful and know to only use a little bit, it is not messy (however if you use too much it can be messy, so be careful!) Wonder Lip Piant retails for $4.99

Triple Crown Baked Shadow-  I love eye shadows! Especially ones that are really fun colors and pigmented! The Triple Crown Baked Shadows come in a bunch of different colors (12 to be exact, that they have listed on their webpage), each one has three different colors per package. I purchased the Greentea Frapp, which has a white, gold and green in it. These are also a really nice price at $5.99. I found mine at Ulta, but they also have them on their webpage! Triple Crown Baked Shadow retails for $5.99

 Perfect Brow Duo Pencil- I love eye brow pencils, so I am always looking for one that works really well. The perfect brow duo pencil is a double sided brow pencil (color on one side and a brush on the other end.) They have a number of colors on their webpage, I purchased Brown. The color goes on smooth (I had to dull it down a little so the color would draw better when I first used it.) I is really nice to see so many brow colors since most companies only do four or fewer colors. Perfect Brow Dui retails for $3.99

Overall I would highly recommend J.Cat Beauty to anyone looking for great quality makeup, with fun colors at really great prices! So far I have not purchased a product that I did not like from them, and am excited to try out their new matte lipsticks and a few other products I have had my eyes on.

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