Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shut Up and Eat 2! The Unofficial Doctor Who Series 9 Ready to Dine Cookbook

That's right awesome people! A second cookbook is coming out! A new volume of Shut Up and Eat! This time with recipes from Series 9! Each episode will have a full meal of appetizers, entrees, deserts and non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks for you to enjoy! The new books title is "Shut Up and Eat 2! The Unofficial Doctor Who Series 9 Ready to Dine Cookbook"

All the recipes are made in mind for people who do not cook too often or cook all the time, so everyone (including kids with supervision!) can enjoy the recipes in this book! The new volume will have 80+ wonderful pages of Doctor Who themed recipes, artwork, and Wibbly Wobbly fun all around!

The interior artwork for the book will be done again by the fantastic Ginger (@Randomthunk on Tublr and Instagram) She will be doing full color illistrations for each episode as well as the cover of the book, she will also be formatting the book, to make it have the same amazing quality that the first book has (which she also did!)
Want to help her be able to do awesome artwork and projects like this? She has a Patreon and an Etsy where she has artwork perks and prints for sale!

Another great artist on the book who does the back cover artwork (as well as the artwork featured on the recipe cards) Kara Dennison is also back to do another wonderfully fun piece! You can find Kara online here.

Shut Up and Eat 2 will be released around March 25th on amazon AND if you are attending RegenerationWho2 in Huntvally Maryland there will be a book release party at the con where Ginger, Kara and myself will be there!

The first Volume is still available on Amazon (and any convention I am attending.) It can be purchased here! Also if you own a copy, please help us out and review the book on amazon, it really does help!

Thank you for all your support and I cannot wait to see what awesome foods you all make!

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