Wednesday, January 27, 2016

[Bath Products] Lush Bubble Bars: Big Bang and A French Kiss

One of the things I was most excited about my trip to Vegas was the fact that the Planet Hollywood has huge tubs in their rooms, and that means bubble bars from the Lush there! Last time I went there was one Lush on the strip that I knew of, now there are six..... Luckily one of those is in the Miracle Mile shops where I was staying! The night I got there, I visited the lush and got some stuff (the closest Lush to me is a little over an hour so I am always so excited to visit one when I find them!)

I got a few items there, a massage bar, a lip tint, a shower gel, and two Bubble Bars!

I rarely get to use bubble bars since I normally use the shower. So I was super excited about these, even more so after I sprained my ankle while in Vegas! I got two bubble bars I had never tried before, since I have used a bunch of their bubble bars and their bath bombs. 
I'm going to start off with the Big Bang Bubble Bar! This one last me about three baths, since I broke it into three even pieces (I didn't need a bubblepocalypse while I was in there!)

Big Bang smelled like grapefruit, and almost had a lemon/watermelony smell to me. I was really excited that the avocado butter didn't make me break out in an allergic reaction, since normally it does (I normally stay away from anything with it in it, but didn't know this time, my skin did later get some hives so this could have been it, or something in the hotel, however it was not bad so that doesn't bother me at all because this thing smelled amazing!)

And it made the bathwater blue! And super bubbly!! So many bubbles! It was fantastic! It was super easy to use, for those of you who have never used Lush's Bubble Bars, You put them under the running water so they can break up and create many wonderful bubbles! As you can see the third of the Big Bang I used gave me a ton of bubbles! It also made the entire bath smell amazing! Big Bang retails for $7.95, which is awesome since I got 3 baths out of this one!

The next Bubble Bar I tried was A French Kiss. This one was super pretty, it was white and purple, and smelled amazing! It has a lavender scent to it, which smelled fantastic! This one I also broke into a few pieces since I didn't need the bubbles coming over the side of the tub! I was really excited about this one when I saw it turned the water purple! (since that is one of my favorite colors!)

LOOK how purple and wonderful that water looks! I actually waited until the bubbles all went away so I could get a photo of this one, because I thought the water looked really pretty! A French Kiss retailed at $8.95, and I got three baths out of this one as well. This one was very floral smelling (like I said you could really smell the lavender in it) so would be a great one for those who aren't into the super fruity smells when they bathe. 

I would really recommend Lush to anyone who loves awesome bath and skin products, they have great shampoo bars, massage bars and so on, so they are not just a store with bath items, but really anything you would need to pamper yourself body wise!

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