Tuesday, January 26, 2016

[Vox Box] Covergirl VoxBox

I have been doing Influenster for awhile now and love it! They send you products and you review them! They go from beauty to food to clothing or electronics! Lots of cool stuff, but they choose you based on surveys and what you review on their site. I got two voxboxes recently. A Slimfast voxbox with lots of edible goodies and a Covergirl voxbox with a lipstick and mascara in it. 

Plumpify Mascara:

 The first item I got in my Covergirl voxbox was the plumpify mascara. This mascara came in a nice box, and the mascara itself was closed off, you have to put the brush in, I am guessing so there is no chance of it drying out while on the shelf. 
The brush has really small bristles and is plastic and the mascara went on great, any clumps that came off on my lashes I was able to get rid of by way of using the brush to wipe them off. I do not always wear mascara because it feels heavy, this was actually pretty nice when I had it on, so I would consider using this more in the future when I have to wear mascara.

Oh Sugar Lip Color:

I received the color Taffy for the Oh Sugar lip color. A natural color that is not too dark, and goes on very smooth. I liked the way this felt on my lips and it had a good smell to it (I hate it when lip colors smell bad.) I would definitely want to try these out in other colors if I got the chance too. It was a bit sheer so not pigmented too much, which is good when you want a natural lip color that isn't too much. 

You can find Plumpify and Oh Sugar online by clicking on their names. Or in drugstores like Walgreens or CVS as well. 

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