Tuesday, December 20, 2016

[Tea Review] Tin Roof Teas "Festivus" Tea

I love local tea shops! Tin Roof Teas has been one of my favorites for years! I stumbled across them in 2013 while in Raleigh, NC for a sci-fi con and have made it a point to visit them every time I am in Raleigh since. 

This year they did a whole line of Holiday teas, I went in for their Nutcracker tea, but sadly they were out, after smelling all of the ones available I decided on the "Festivus" tea because it smelled and sounded amazing! This tea has strong smells of apple, orange and cinnamon in it, which are things I love, so of course this stuff has to taste amazing. Also look at how beautiful the tea looks!

The taste also did not let me down. It is a black tea, but has an amazing fruity taste to it, you can really taste the apple in it, but it is not sweet fruity, it has a great balance to it. I would highly recommend this tea to anyone who wants a tea that has a fruity taste to it, but while not being too sweet. However adding some honey would definitely help anyone who wants something sweeter.

Here is an entire list of Tin Roof Teas Holiday teas along with the pricing for them as well. You can check them out in the Cameron Village shops in Raleigh or on their webpage here!

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