Thursday, February 19, 2015

Influenster XOVOX Box Adore Me!

So I got into the Influenster XoVox Box. The first thing that they did for it was send everyone a code to order from Adore Me, a webpage that sells woman's under wear and night clothing. Now i will say this post is somewhat awkward since I really do not want to post about my under clothing, but will go ahead and blog about it since I have to for my influenster badge.

First off this product was free, I did not have to pay for it at all.

Adore Me is a webpage where you can buy bras, undies and night clothing. The VIP members can have so much taken out each month and they can pick what they want to order, you can skip this each month, which is good because I dont have the budget for this stuff!

So with my code I decided to get something pretty!
The box that the order came in is really cute! It also had a definition for Adore on the inside of the box
So the detail in what they ship in is really cute. The order shipped quick and got to me fast! Which is always nice! The quality is very nice and the bra is very comfortable. So that is a GREAT thing since I am gonna wear it!
Over all super happy with the Adore Me purchase, which is even better because it was free and I always love free stuff!

Check out Influenster here!

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