Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ipsy Febuary Bag!

I LOVE Ipsy! I have been getting these bags for the last three months and could not be more excited about them! Ipsy is a 10$ a month makeup bag, you get around 4-5 items, some full size and some deluxe sample sizes.
This month was amazing! I am excited to try each item I got in my bag, I also got four other products that I spent my Ipsy points on so I got four products I did not get to try from older ipsy bags.
So each month they give you a sneak peak of what you are getting! Here was my sneak peak!
At first I was like meh for the blow out spray, but I really have never used it before, so I softened up to it since it is something new to try and I am all about using new products, plus if anything will possibly give my hair some body I will try it!

My bag got here and it is awesome! The bag itself is super cute and I will definitely use it! Great for spring! The brush is amazingly soft, the lip gloss is very light pink, and works for me, the blush is a pretty shade, and the eye liner will be a very fun color to wear! The blow out spray I need to try and see how it works, but I am super excited for that too!
I also turned my points in for these awesome extras! I am so excited to try the two hand lotions, the body butter has a hint of bergamot, which I am so loving, and the leave in condition has a interesting smell and am excited to give it a try! I really love that they do the points so you can try extras they have from older bags.

Over all February's Ipsy bag is amazing! I love it, I saw a lot of people saying they weren't too thrilled with what they got, but I am really loving what I got and cannot wait to see what March will hold! 

Want to check out Ipsy? Go here!

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