Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Metamorphose Summer Lucky Packs 2013!!

As many of you know, I really like wearing poofy skirts and lolita clothing. Well, since actual Japanese lolita brands are incredibly expensive, I always keep an eye out for lucky packs that most companies do in the summer and winter.

In a few hours Matamorphose temps de file will put their summer lucky packs on sale.

They are 8400 yen, which is less than they were last year. This years comes with a skirt, t-shirt, bag, socks and some bows. They don't have the blouse or bloomers (I believe) like last years, but I can handle a little variety. I am hoping the t-shirts are not super small.  They also have it so you can pick dark or light for the skirt color. I love my off white skirt I got last summer, but I do wear a lot of darker colors, so it is nice getting to choose between the two.

I am super excited since I like the surprise of the skirts print, and they have type writing squirrel as the example so that is more than enough reason to order one! (however I own two pairs of Meta socks, and am hoping I don't end up with the exact same color socks, lol)

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