Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bones Kickstarter finally here!

So after a long, long wait, the Bones Kickstarter box is finally here!! I went in with a group of people to pledge for this kickstarter about a year ago.  I very much wanted the clockwork dragon and a few other small minis! The kickstarter ran from July 23, 2012 - August 27 2012. They raised over 3 million dollars to put their plastic minis in production! Super amazing that it did that well and they had such a response from the gaming and miniature painting community!

A large box about ten in a half pounds showed up on the door step today!

Very excited and very ready for it we opened it!
(So magical!)
There were so many little bags and boxes inside the box, including one big one (which was the pledge level we all took, the Vampire level)
(In its own pretty box just incase we forgot, how spiffy is that!)
Then we opened up the vampire box to see all the pretties inside of it!
(Can't wait to get painting and playing!!)
We also had a crap ton of add-on minis as well!

And a bit closer look at the Deep Dwellers and the Mythos Monsters

Very excited for the new miniatures! (Clockwork Dragon!!!!) It took just under a year for them all to get to us, which with how many they sold and the productions of all these minis, that is pretty darn awesome! Cant wait to actually get a better look at them all and see just how the plastic over the metal reaper minis look!

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