Monday, June 20, 2016

[Tea Travels] Just Because IYQ in Myrtle Beach SC

While visiting Myrtle Beach back in May, I stumbled across this fun little Tea Room called "Just Because IYQ". I was not able to find any tea shops or tea rooms while looking online, but luckily drove by this one and saw it from the road after eating lunch so decided to stop in.  

The Tea Room was very cute and colorful, with artwork and local boutique type items along the walls. They also had a large selection of Tea Forte Teas, which were what they also served in the Tea Room.

I got a yummy Cherry Mazipan Tea, which was delicious, and also got a yummy orange cranberry scone as well, since I had just eaten lunch before finding this cute little place. They also had these cute metal birds with lemon wedges in them, they were for easily getting the lemon juice out and into your water or tea! 

The tea and scones were well prepared and very wonderfully presented. Everything about this little place was lovely, they had a large variety of tea and everything from small tea sandwiches to scones and other small deserts.  So you could also have a lovely meal there. The service was friendly and the nice lady serving us made sure we were well taken care of. 

This was a surprising little find, and I am glad I did since it was so cute and the food (and tea) were really good! It was quiet and a nice place to just sit and talk and enjoy the people you were with. 

And like I mentioned above, the also sell tea. They have a wide selection and variety of Tea Forte Teas, from large cans of them to sampler sets. 
You can find "Just Because IYQ" online here and check them out if you are in Myrtle Beach SC.

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