Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[Nerdy Nails] Espionage Cosmetics June NEXUS!

This month Espionage decided to start something new, and offer a cheaper monthly nail wrap option. For $15.00 a month they send you 2 new nail wrap designs, you get a link to vote which one you like the best and that one becomes a normal design you can purchase. The awesome people at Espionage sent out a code for BOOM Box! subscribers to get their first NEXUS for free, me being the nail wrap loving person I am jumped on this and I got my NEXUS package today inside of my BOOM Box!

This months theme was "Formulaic" and has two sciencey nail wrap designs in it! I had no idea what to expect, but since I do a lot of the Mystery Packs from them, I figured I was OK, since I generally do not always know what I am getting anyways. 

We will start off with my favorite out of the two designs in this months NEXUS! I like both designs, but Euler's Formula was aesthetically my favorite of the two.  I generally go to darker colors or lighter ones when it comes to nail wraps. I am really excited to wear these!

 The second design is called Chemistry, and is Orange with atom designs and the periodic table on it. I like this design as well, but am not a fan of the color orange which was why the above design ended up being my favorite of the two, Ill still wear this one since the design on it is cute, but the color is just one I am not a huge fan off (now if this was in green or purple, OMG that would be awesome!)

Overall I am really excited to see the new designs that come out each month for NEXUS. If you are interested in it, it is $15.00 and you can find out more details on Espionage's BOOM Box! page here.

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