Friday, September 30, 2016

DragonCon ALL The Podcasts!

So this year at DragonCon I was part of a lot of different Podcasts throughout the weekend! Four in total! This post is just an easy link to all of them for anyone that would be interested in hearing them all! 

Earth Station One Live from DragonCon!
I have done the live podcast since before I had my segment A Geek Girls Take on the ESO network. For maybe the last three or four years now. It is always so much fun to talk about the convention and all the cool stuff going on with this amazing group of people! You can check it out here!

ESW Live from DragonCon! What makes a good companion! 
I sat in on the ESW panel again this year and you can hear all the awesome stuff we talked about here!

The next one was the recording for The Arrow Squad and the Arrow Fan panel at DragonCon! It is always fun to get to talk about the shows I love and how those shows have evolved over the years! And this year was no different! Check out the PodCast here!

The Flash panel was also recorded, but I have not been able to find the link to that one as of yet. Once I do I will update this post with it!

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