Monday, October 3, 2016

[Tea Review] Short and Stout Tea's "Pumpkin Spice" Rooibos

I looked long and hard for all types of different teas to try. This Pumpkin Spice Rooibos comes from Short and Stout Tea in Guilderland NY. Short and Stout is a tea shops specializing in different teas, drinks, bubble teas, and baked goods, they sell their loose teas in their shop as well as serve them and have a nice cafe style area to sit and enjoy them.

This tea has a great nutty, pumpkin smell to it. The bag shown is a 2 oz sampler and sells for $3.00 US. The tea itself looks great, it has a lovely reddish/brown color to it, with all types of extra goodies added in to make the tea taste amazing! 

The color of the tea is a lovely red and the taste is nutty with hints of pumpkin. I generally add some honey to rooibos tea and did the same for this one since I needed that extra sweetener to it.  

This was a great change up from all the black and green teas I had been drinking since the taste is so different from them. And I love how Short and Stout puts all the ingredients right on the front of the bag, so you know exactly what you are drinking. 

You can learn more about Short and Stout on their webpage here! They make a variety of teas, and the ones I have tried from them do not disappoint in taste or in price range. 

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