Tuesday, October 4, 2016

[Bath Products] Lush's Pumpkin

Every holiday Lush does fun wrapped gift versions with their seasonal bath bombs and body washes in them, they are sometimes in cute boxes, or in the case of the Pumpkin, wrapped in a cute bandanna.

The Pumpkin comes with four items

A shower cream, bath bomb, bubble bar and bath melt

Lord of Misrule Shower Cream has the scent of spicy pepper, patchouli and Vanilla. It has a very herby smell with a spicy scent as well. on its own outside of the set it retails for 9.95-32.95 depending on the size you want. you can find it here

Pumpkin Bath Bomb. This fizzy bath bomb has the scents of vanilla and cinnamon and smells amazing! The fizzy bath bombs are really fun, and look so cool in the bath. It is also a super cute pumpkin! It retails for 6.95 on their webpage.

The Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is a lovely orange color with lots of awesome gold glitter! This one has a more citrus smell to it with juniper berries, lime and grapefruit oils in it. And glitter! I love Lush's bubble bars so when I saw this one I had to try it! It goes for 7.95 on their webpage outside of the Pumpkin set.

The one item I was most interested in, in this set is the Boo Luxury Bath Melt.This little guy makes your bath milky white and has cocoa butter and ginger with floral and citrus oils in it as well. The look of this one is so cute and I am so happy Lush does cute holiday themed items like this! This goes for 5.95 on their webpage if you buy it by itself. 

The Pumpkin Set retails for 35.95 and you can find it in Lush stores or online here! They also have a few other fun items in their Halloween Holiday set as well so be sure to check those out on their webpage too! 

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