Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[Body Products] Fortune Cookie Soaps Antici....pation products

Fortune Cookie Soaps is one of my favorite companies to go to for body creams, perfume oils and all types of body products. They are all themed and many are themed after fandoms I adore! Antici...pation was no different. I heard they were doing a Rocky Horror themed set and I wanted to check it out! So I purchased four of the products in the set and my review of them is below!

The first product I tried when I got my box from Fortune Cookie Soaps was "Janet". I love the whipped creams, they are super moisturizing and not oily on my skin so I always try to grab the ones they make for their lines. Janet really is no different. This one is 4 oz. and retails for 10.99. It smells of watermelon and grapes and is a really pretty light purple color.

At first I was really weary about trying the perfume oils, I am really picky with the scents I wear. I received the Lost Girl perfume in the summer travel set and decided to start giving a few of the perfume oils a try when they seem like scents I would like from the descriptions. Gold Shorts is a really interesting scent. It has a faint strawberry smell, with caramel and musk being the main scents. It is pleasant and would be great for special occasions. There is also gold glitter in the perfume oil too, which makes it look really lovely in the packaging. Gold Shorts retails for 7.99.

Just a Jump to the Left is a foaming sugar scrub with a lovely orange color. It smells of bananas, lime and coconut milk. It foams up really well and a little goes a long way. The sugar in it exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling really smooth. A 3.2 Oz container is 6.99 on their webpage.

The last item I tried is the Science Fiction OCD hand sanitizer. This has an apple smell to me along with the normal slight alcohol smell you have with any hand sanitizer. It retails for $2.89 on their webpage. You can check out the entire line on Fortune Cookie Soaps webpage or by following the links I have put in this post!

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