Monday, October 10, 2016

[Tea Review] David's Tea "Pom Cider"

Pom Cider is my first non pumpkin fall tea that I am reviewing this year. I purchased this at the David's Tea in Bethesda Maryland and this stuff caught my nose right away. This stuff smells amazing! It is a black tea with Pomegranate and citrus fruits and hibiscus. And smells like Pomegranate juice tea to me. 

The taste of this tea is great, it almost tastes like a cider more than a black tea. This tea tastes wonderful hot or cold and doesn't really need any sweetener with it either in my opinion. Even the color reminds me more of a herbal tea than a black tea, it has a lovely red-ish color to it. 

There are a few different packaging for the fall teas, this one was one of the four that had the option of coming in its own specific 1.8 oz. tin for $9.50. They also sell them by the ounce on their webpage, and in their stores (if you are lucky enough to have one near you.)  
You can check out Pom Cider on David's Tea webpage here. 

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