Thursday, October 13, 2016

[Beer Review] BadWolf Brewing Company – Don't Call Me Pumpkin

This is a local brew so not available on store shelves. However if you are in Manassas, VA stop by BadWolf Brewing Company and try their beers. I love them and the whole staff is great.

This was a cask version of the beer so the carbonation was not there. It was day two of the cask being tapped, so the bubbles were little to none. When you pour the beer, the smell of allspice and nutmeg . You also get a nice smell of fresh yams. The beer is a deep brownish red and since it's unfiltered it is cloudy.

The first sip (ok, ok, generous mouthful) gives you the yams, allspice and the nutmeg all together but not overpowering. There is a wonderful almost peppery aftertaste that lingers at the back of your throat. You know what? It tastes like Thanksgiving. It really does.

I really like this company's beers because they don't use anything artificial when they brew. This one is great, I am looking forward to getting this one on tap. It is a beer that reminds me of sitting around a large table and looking at a beautiful Thanksgiving spread. Delicious aromas wafting in the air and family around you.

BadWolf Brewing Company's Don't Call Me Pumpkin
7.2% ABV
26 IBUs

This is a guest post by Josh! If you like his beer reviews let me know and I'll see if he wants to keep doing them after the fall ones! 

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