Tuesday, September 6, 2016

[Tea Review] David's Tea "Countess of Seville" Green Tea

While visiting King Of Prussia Mall in Pa. I visited David's Tea, a Canadian based tea company, and decided to grab a few different teas from them. I mentioned I loved Earl Grey teas but also loved greens and the lady who worked in the store suggested this jewel of a tea to me! She described it as a Earl Grey Green Tea, so of course I was hooked from that description alone. However she then let me smell it and OMG it has such an amazing Bergamot smell to it. 

I purchased 2 Oz. of the tea (now I wish I had gotten more.) It was reasonably priced at 8.98 for 2 oz. In store you could get less than 2 oz. but online it looks like they only sell by 2 oz. and up. 

The smell is amazing, and the tea leave look lovely. There were a few twigs in the bag that I had to pick out, but overall very lovely tea leaves and an amazing bergamot smell to it. Davi'd's Tea's Website has a really cute description  for this tea "There are so many rumors about Earl Grey and his gallivanting ways. We like this one, about a trip he took to Spain. It’s said he fell for the Countess of Seville, a beautiful, dark-haired woman with a penchant for oranges. But did he really woo her with this green tea scented with bergamot, orange oil, cornflowers and orange zest? Either way, it’s a sweet, romantic twist on his original recipe. (MK Kosher)."

The tea itself has a lovely green color and smells amazing.The taste is a wonderful light green tea with bergamot flavors. Not as strong as earl grey and a great light tea substitution in my opinion, since I do not always want a black tea but love the bergamot flavoring in anything.
You can find this tea online here at David's Tea webpage.  

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