Wednesday, August 10, 2016

[Tea Review] Leaf and Pearl Milk Tea July Monthly Box Review

I love hot tea, but I also love the not so hot tea drinks as well! Milk Tea is all the rage right now, and I cannot get enough of it! I learned about a company out of Georgia that is producing different flavored Milk teas, and the owners love cosplay and fandom, so why not give this company that seems awesome a try!? And I am so happy I did! I placed an order for their July box (after looking on their site and being super sad I missed out on the Sakura Matcha flavor, because OMG Sakura flavored stuff!) I figured a variety box that comes with the pearls and straws to drink it all would be perfect. The box was $25 and contains three flavors, 2 dry mix and 2 flavor syrups of each one, six straws and enough bobba for all the drinks. So all together you get six drinks out of this box.

The flavors in the July Box were, Coffee Matcha, Mango and a new flavor for the box Sea Salt Coconut. Each box comes with a set of directions printed on a single sheet of paper, so super easy instructions to get you drinking Milk Tea in no time!I started off with the Mango flavor first!

After reading the instructions (and realizing I had no ice cubes in my freezer... ugh) I decided to go ahead and boil the water for the bobba since they would take the longest to do, and make the water for the milk tea in my kettle. 

Mixing the powder then the syrup didnt take too long so I was able to put the mixture in the fridge to cool off a little before adding the milk and pearls to it.    
It took about 15 minutes for the pearls to finish, 

After all that I added milk and got this amazing creamy mango fruity drink, which was amazing. The flavor is great, very creamy and has a wonderful mango taste to it. I am not a huge fan of mango flavored stuff but this was still good, and I will defiantly be finishing off the other packet of it very soon! 

Next up I made the Coffee Matcha flavor, this was the one I was most excited for in the box since I LOVE matcha anything. I decided to try and make this one frozen so I did a little prep before making it and froze the milk into ice cubes this time. I made it the same way as the Mango, but for the step of adding the milk I threw it all in the blender (except the bobba!) and blended the matcha mixture and the milk frozen cubes into a wonderful frozen concoction! Oh my goodness this was the best thing ever. The matcha and coffee compliment each others flavors so well and it was like heaven drinking this! I want to make the other packet just writing about it right now.....

So goooooooooood!

The last flavor in the box was a flavor that had its debut in this monthly box, the sea-salt coconut. Each month subscribers get to try a new flavor before it is released on their webpage. This is a really cool idea I think! I was not so sure about this flavor since I am not a huge coconut fan. I was pleasantly surprised by the taste of this. It is creamy and tastes great. It does not have a strong coconut taste. It has a refreshing sweet taste but isn't over powering. I was sure I was not going to like this one and I ended up liking it a lot, it is probably my second favorite flavor from this months box! 

I would highly recommend checking out Leaf and Pearl, whether you just pick your own flavors from their large variety of Milk Teas or sign up for their monthly box, if you like milk teas and don't want to have to go out for them every time you get that craving for bubble tea, then getting the supplies and making them at home is definitely the best option! You can find their webpage here and their facebook page here

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