Monday, August 29, 2016

[Tea Travels] David's Tea: King of Prussia, Pa

While visiting the King of Prussia Mall about a year ago I passed by the David's Tea and tried all their samples. They were good and I was rushed out of the shop by the people I was with (since me and tea shops means I will be in there looking and smelling tea forever.) I was lucky enough to make it back to King of Prussia Mall and made sure to head to David's Tea first!

The inside of the store was very laid out wonderfully. It is small, so they utilize the space that they have very well. From photos I have seen of other David's Tea, the layout seems to be standard for their stores. One wall has all the teas and is behind the counter, the other has bagged teas, and tea ware, They also have small area in the middle that have tea ware and other goodies. The two people working while I was there (and wonderful girl and guy!) Were really friendly and very enthusiastic about the tea! They were super helpful and helped me choose the teas I that I purchased. 

I also got a fantastic Peach Matcha to take with me on travels shopping for the rest of my trip (which wasn't long since the other store I drove to the mall for was closed for inventory..... UGH!)

My spoils of my trip! Flavored Matcha packets (coffee, Mint, and Vanilla), and four different teas (Cherry Blossom, The Earl's Garden, Pink Flamingo, and Countess of Seville.) I would highly recommend checking out David's Tea. It is a chain tea store, but the workers are friendly and the teas are great! They also have their own line of tea ware, which go from cute to conservative, and they have a lot of lovely pastels in their color schemes. Check out David's Tea online here and the King of Prussia Stores Facebook Page here

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