Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[Geeky Beauty] Fortune Cookie Soaps Summer Soap Box

Four times a year Fortune Cookie Soap does a Soap Box, it costs 19.99 each time and you get sent smaller versions of their new lines they have coming out. The Summer box for 2016 was titled "Just Keep Swimming". This was my first Soap Box and I was so excited since I have tried a bunch of Fortune Cookie soaps products, but getting smaller version of stuff I normally would not buy to try is great since it has made me want to get larger versions or try other collections with them in it.

I'll start off with the staple of Fortune Cookie Soaps, the Fortune Cookie Soap! This one is Orange with white stripes to go along with the Finding Nemo theme. It is an orange scent with vanilla in it as well. It also has hints of strawberry and sandalwood. Very nice to smell and the scent is not over powering. The design is so pretty that I almost do not want to use it.

Duuuuuude! This hand sanitizer is like, awesome! The hand sanitizer is actually the first ever product I purchased from Fortune Cookie Soaps and I really loved it. This one has a pear and apples scent to it, and the bottle is the perfect size to fit in a purse or store in a car! 

I love FCS's whipped creams, they feel so good on the skin and it is always the one product I will purchase from any of their sets, since I know if it is cream or aloe I will love it and it will feel amazing on my skin! Intervention has a coconut and pineapple smell to it, I am not a huge pineapple fan, but I would still use this anyways since this is one of my favorite products from them! 

I had to be careful with this one at first to make sure the avocado in it wouldn't break me out, luckily it did not (I have a food allergy and it occasionally bothers me in bath/makeup products too.) This has a strong jasmine, strawberry and black currant smell to it, and it smells amazing.

My favorite scent from this entire line, it smells good enough to eat! But don't do that! The main scent in this is cherry, which is why I love it so much I think, but is also has Guava and Watermelon in there too with a small hint of strawberries and key lime. This stuff is so fun, it is a jelly that you lather up and use as a body wash in the shower/tub whatever. 

This stuff is so nice compared to normal lotion bottles. It sprays on and soaks into you skin so well. You spray it into you hands or where you want to put it and then rub it in, no creamy mess or anything. It has a Lychee smell with apples (it also says peach on the card but I cant smell that.) I love Lychee so this one smelled great to me! 

Visually this was my favorite thing in the box! I LOVE turtles so a pedi bomb shaped as one is awesome! It has a lemon limey smell with a hint of orchids in it. My feet are looking forward to this little guy when I get a chance to use him! 

The last item is a lip gloss. this stuff smells amazing and feels amazing on your lips as well. It has a lovely light pink tint to it when worn with a wonderful shine to it. It smells like watermelon and honeydew. It can be a little messy in the small container they put it in, but other than that it is really nice. 

You can check out the Fortune Cookie Soaps, Soap Box here or check out their webpage for all their fun other products in this line here! 

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