Friday, August 19, 2016

[Kickstarter] Awesome Kickstarters Going on Now!

So I love all the awesome art that the fandom community does! And there are some amazing artist out there, right now there are two Kickstarters I have been watching hoping they make their goals, and one I am really excited to see start!

The Stompadon Plishie!

Image from the Stompadon Kickstarter page
Kelsey does amazing art and her original character Stompadon is getting a plushie! And it is super cute. She also has a few other great perks like story books, comicgrab bags and a maquette. There are 18 days left on this one so definitely give it a look and donate!! Stompadon is a lovable Kaiju monster and you know you want one protecting you as you sleep at night! You can check out the Stompadon plushie here.

Norfolk Merdogs Corgi Mermaid Plushie

Image from the MerCorgi Kickstarter Page
A few months ago Shlii did a Merpug and now she is doing a Corgi, she has met her goal and this one has 6 days left to go. There are other perks like keychains, pins and art as well. You can check this one out here.

Jimmy with the MerPug from Shlii's last Kickstarter!

Kimchi Kawaii Purrista Pawfee

Photo from Kimchi Kawaii FB page
This one I am super excited for because I really want the two Mewcaron plushie. I have the pink one from her earlier kickstarter, and in Sept. she will have another to try and fund the rest of the plushies she wants to do! Check out her fb page here!

Jimmy with the Pink Mewcaron from Kimchi Kawaii's last kickstarter!
I am so excited to see these amazing artist funding their creations! I really hope all these kickstarters make their goals because it is so fun to see such cute art and plushies out there! 

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