Monday, August 15, 2016

[Tea Travels] Vida Pour Tea in Greensboro, NC

I love finding fun tea shops and cafes. One of my friends from high school had been posting about a tea shop she is the resident artist for, so I decided to give the place a look! The outside of Vida Pour Tea was very cute and inviting with tables to enjoy your drinks outside.

The side was veru comfy. Tables in the front, and a counter at the back where a barista made drinks along with a small area of Tea, Tea Ware, and locally made items. 

Vida Pour has a great menu of teas, coffee, and bakery goods. I tried the "I love Earl Grey A-latte" and it was fantastic! They offer regular milk and almond milk for drinks made in shop. The dude making the drink was also super nice and we had a great chat while he was preparing my drink. 

They sell a lovely selection of tea blends. All different types from blacks to greens and onward! I picked up a Green Tea called Raspberry Vine (review here) and it has been fantastic to drink so far! 

They also have some great locally made items, including these Tea Tumblers that are hand painted by Liz at Heart Shine Studios. There were also local honey, soaps, and all types of other great items.

I cannot wait to go back to Vida Pour tea and try some of their other teas! The atmosphere was fun, I caught some cute Pokemon on Pokemon Go! while there (and took the gym on the corner by there,) and am still really excited here is a fun tea shop close to where I live! Check out Vida Pour on Facebook here and On their webpage here

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