Monday, April 4, 2016

[Tea Review] Mighty Leaf Tea "Jasmine Fancy" Green Tea

I have a weakness to good green teas (well most good teas that is.) I picked up Might Lead Tea's "Jasmine Fancy" at Peet's Coffee and Tea while in Maryland for Regeneration Who 2, and was pleasantly surprised! 

I was confused at first since I knew Peet's made their own brand of tea, and then when reading their webpage found out that they just changed the name and packaging for their Peet's Tea. Since while I was in Vegas they served "Peet's Tea" at one of the shops near where I stayed.
After a little research it seems the tea itself is a new formula too (according to the reviews on their webpage.) I would be interested in trying the two side by side, since to me this tea did not have a bad taste to it. The Jasmine taste was very much the dominant taste in it and it was very floral. So compared to other Jasmine teas I have had, this one was not my favorite but was still good, and I drank it all weekend while at the con (as well as while I have been home too.)

The smell of the tea is also very Jasmine dominant. With small hints of a green tea smell as well. The color is very pretty and like I stated above, it was enjoyable to drink. It was a bit expensive being $8.95 for 15 tea satchels, but I generally got at least two steepings out of each tea bag.

You can check out Mighty Leaf Tea online here!

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