Monday, April 11, 2016

[Tea Review] Kusmi Tea "St Petersburg" Black Tea

I know I write a lot about Kusmi Tea's. I love all the flavors from them, that I have tried. (and have yet to actually try them all so far, because they make so many!) With each order you generally get three sample tea bags of other teas, so they are really good about reeling you in to try more of their products, which is what happened with the St. Petersburg Tea! This was a tea sample I received, absolutely loved and then bought a box of it! 

For those of you who do not know what Kusmi Tea is, it is a tea company out of Paris. They make all different types of teas, from Black, Green, White and other tea blends. All in either Loose or Tea Bag varieties. Their webpage delivers tea to all over the world, and I found out about them a few years ago and have not looked back since. St. Petersburg is from their Russian Tea line. And also can we talk about their packaging for a second. The boxes are really pretty! One side is in French and the other in English. Just really lovely looking!

The St. Petersburg tea was one I was not so sure about, until I opened the box and OMG the smell, it was heaven. So much bergamot and caramel flooded my nose and I was in love. If this was a perfume I would wear it everyday, but instead Ill just drink this tea because it is amazing! The tea is a black tea with bergamot, vanilla, caramel, and red fruits. 

I ordered the 20 muslin tea bags since they are easier for me to travel with, however they do sell square tea bags and loose tea as well.

And the taste is amazing! It is a strong black tea with a hint of bergamot and caramel to it. The taste is wonderful and this has currently became  my morning tea because it is strong and very tasty.
You can find it online here.  along with all the other teas Kusmi offers.

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