Monday, April 25, 2016

[Tea Travels] Lupicia Hawaii (Ala Moana Mall)

While in Hawaii I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Lupicia store, I had visited there many many years ago when I last vacationed in Honolulu, and was really looking forward to going back and getting some amazing tea!

Lupicia is a Japanese Tea company that started in 1994 in Japan. They have since opened stores in Hawaii, and California in the United States. As you can see from the photo above of the store in the Ala Moana Mall, they have a lot of tea, but it is still very wonderfully laid out! 

They have a large variety of loose teas as you can see from the teas that are along the top of the ceiling in the store. 

They also had some of their teas displayed so customers can smell and read what are in them. 

They had their special Sakura line of teas available right now for Spring, I picked up a few of these (I reviewed the Sakura Tea last week as my first review of teas I purchased in Hawaii, the others will be coming soon!) 

And their Hawaii Teas and other Spring Teas they bring out for the season! The Hawaii Teas are exclusive to Hawaii (and online) I picked up a tea bag sampler pack as well as a loose tin of one of the teas as well (I also got a few of the Spring teas too!) 

All together, a bunch of teas to enjoy and I will be reviewing all of them for all of you! I love their packaging, and the tins are so pretty with their lovely artwork!

During my trip I got a number of teas. The left side is pretty much all the teas I purchased from Lupicia. The right side are all the of other teas I bought to try out (since the last time I was in Hawaii I only tried one or two of the teas on the right.)

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