Wednesday, April 6, 2016

[Top 5] My Top 5 Favorite Lotions!

I use a lot of different products, and some of them work for me and some make my skin break out into horrible red hives. These five will not be the ones that break me out into hives, but the lotions I absolutely love! 

#5: Island Bath & Body Lotion in Maui Tea Rose

This is a great brand that I purchased through ABC Stores Hawaii. It has an amazing rose smell to it and is very moisturizing. They come in two sizes, a regular sized lotion bottle then a small 2 oz. travel sized bottle (that I have and retailed for $5.00) The lotion is made in Hawaii and has Macadamia Nut and Kukui Nut oil's in it. 

#4: Bath and Body Works Hand and Body Cream (Scarlet Pumpkin and Twisted Peppermint)

I do not use a lot of Bath and Body Works products (I love their candles so much more than their lotions.) and generally only get their Moonlight Path items. But occasionally their seasonal fragrances get the best of me, and this body cream is amazingly moisturizing and great for using at night before you go to bed! You do have to give it a good shake before using or it can settle a bit. These bottles retail for $13.00. 

#3: L'Occitanne Rose Body Milk

I have an extreme weakness to three fragrances, Cherry, Bergamot and Rose. Which is why most of the lotions on this list are rose scented, since lotions with a strong Bergamot scent are hard to come by. L'Occitane really has it down with the amazing rose scented lotions. I will come out smelling like a bouquet of roses if I use too much of this, and that is totally OK with me. They also have a body wash that goes along with the lotion.  A 8.4 fl. oz. bottle retails for $27.00

#2: The Body Shop Strawberry Puree Body Lotion

This lotion is amazing! It is made with shea butter and has a glycerin feel to it. It is cooling, so it feel amazing when on the skin! I am sad that The Body Shop got rid of their Cherry lotion, so Strawberry is my go to fragrance for them now. I also love the pump bottle over the squeeze like all the ones above. This one retails for $13.00 for a bottle, but they always do sales and you can get them cheaper normally. 

#1:  L'Occitane Velvet Hand Cream ("Rose" and Jasmin and Bergamote")

I always have one of these little hand lotions in my purse. They travel well and a little bit goes a long way. And L'Occitane is one of the only companies in the US I have been able to find a somewhat decent Bergamot smelling lotion from at the moment (even though the Jasmine is the dominant fragrance in it.) The rose, just like the body milk, will make you smell like a million roses all at once (which to some may be a bit strong, to me it is just amazing.) The Jasmin and Bergamote has a very subtle and pleasant smell to it. These retail for $12.00 

I have extra dry skin so I am a huge fan of lotions, and when they smell good it is even better! But first and foremost it needs to do its job of not making my skin dry and itchy, which all of these above do! The fragrance is just an added plus! 

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