Monday, February 22, 2016

[Tea Review] Tea and Absinthe "TARDIS-Nine- Fantastic" Tea

Tea and Absinthe was at RegenerationWho 1 last March, and I picked up some of their TARDIS-Nine-Fantastic tea! It comes in a super cute package with a TARDIS sticker on it. They have a ton of different varieties of tea, some themed, like the Doctors ones. 

The tea I purchased was TARDIS-Nine-Fantastic. It has a light floral/spiced smell to it and a floral/spiced taste with a lemon state as well. I enjoyed this tea hot, but really enjoyed it once it had cooled as well. The rose hip taste came out a lot once it was cooled. This tea had a light taste to it and very refreshing!

I really loved the packaging for this tea! It was simple, but very cute and fit the Doctor Who theme for the tea! 

The loose tea is also very lovely looking! You can see why it has floral scents to it. The chamomile is what stood out most to me when I was putting the tea in my infuser. 

Tea and Absinthe also had a lot of fun tea accessories and fun containers like this blue tin that they made to look like a TARDIS! I have been using this to store some of my tea bags in! 
I would highly suggest checking out Tea and Absinthe's webpage or visit them at a con! They visit a bunch all over the U.S.

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