Thursday, February 4, 2016

Upcoming Convenitons!

So 2016 has started and here is a list of where you will find me at conventions that are coming up! This is just or the first few months of the new year, so not a completely list yet!I'll either be working, judging the cosplay contests, or there as a guest promoting my Books, Films and other awesome stuff I do!

IchibanCon- Concord, NC -Dec. 31st-Jan 3rd.- Judging Cosplay Contest

Otakon Vegas- Las Vegas, NV- Jan. 15th-17th - Conventions Official Mascot, acting in Mystery Dinner Theater

Katsucon- Nation Harbor Md- Feb. 12-14- Running Hall Costume Contest

Mysticon- Roanoke, Va. - Feb. 26-28- Guest, will be on panels and signing books, premiering my new short film The Thicket!

Triad Anime Con- Winston Salem, NC March 11-13 - Judging Cosplay Contest

RegenerationWho 2- Hunt Valley, Md- March 25-27 - Running Press for the convention, Book release party for Shut Up and Eat Vol. 2!


ZenkaiCon - Lancaster, Pa. April 1-3 - Costume Contest Judge
RavenCon- Williamsburg, Va. April 29-May 1st - Guest

Animazement- Raleigh, NC - Judging Cosplay Contest

Anime Mid-Atlantic, Chesapeake, Va. June 17th-19th - Hall Costume Contest Judge

 Congregate, Highpoint, NC July 15th-17th: Guest (Costuming/Media/Literary and Costume Contest judge)

Otakon, Baltimore Md. August 12th-14th: Staff for TTG and Charity Auction
KantaiCon, Charleston, SC August 20th - Costume Contest Judge

DragonCon, Atlanta Ga. Sept 1st-5th. : Press
Intervention September 16th-18th: Press Dept. Head

Banzaicon, Charleston, SC Nov. 11th-13th

Ill update more with the June - through end of the year once I have all of them finalized for the year!

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